Joys And Sorrows

Pierced by our sword,
Your Sacred Heart pours forth Its contents.
Love, embodied in Your Blood,
Bursts forth, given to the last drop,
Mingling with the water
Of Your mercy and forgiveness.
Your Heart, giving forth an eternity of Love,
But enduring increasing humiliation,
Neglect, arrogance, even hate,
Grieves our sins with a sorrow
Deeper than death.
Yet Your Sacred Heart cries forth
With the Blood of Love
Mixed with with the purifying tears
Of sorrow and mercy.

As an infant,
Hearing the cries of another,
Though not understanding the cause,
Is so moved with compassion,
He joins in unity with the heartbreaking cry,
So I, though unable to comprehend
The enormity of Your pain,
Grieve Your pain still and
Cry with a heart broken
For the One I love.

Come to this heart, Lord,
Broken for Your Love,
And take it away to You,
To cry with Your sorrows,
To love through Your tears,
To die with Your death,
To rise with Your Life, Your joy,
To share in Your Sacred Heart,
To be consumed with
The joys and sorrows of You.


Because I Ask

Because I ask…

You enter my heart at will,
Molding and forming me,
Bringing me to Life.
I feel Your warm Presence
Moving through the chambers
Of the heart of my soul.

Your Precious River of Love
Wells up in me and overflows,
Like warm honey,
Mixed with the nectar of Pure Love;
Moving, like lava,
Engulfing everything in its path
And carrying it in its
Movement of Love.

Nothing can stand against
The awesome power of Your Love:
Pride, pain, bitterness,
Self-centeredness, unforgiveness,
All powerless against Your invited Love.
You move through my Life
Changing everything in Your path,
Purifying it and making it Your own.

Because I ask…

You give and keep giving.
There is no bottom to this
Well of Your Love and tenderness.
There is no retaining wall
As Your Precious Lava of Love
Moves to every gesture,
Every thought, every emotion,
Every ache, every longing;
Moves so tenderly,
Moves so willingly,
Moved to engulf the willing soul
That surrenders
In Your ever-present, ever-willing,
Ever-attentive Heart of Love.

Come to me, Lord, I pray,
As I surrender to You
All I am to Your Sacred Heart of Love
And Your plan for me.
Let me be carried away
In the Lava of Your Love
Succumbing to every movement,
Every whisper, every nudge,
Every touch, every longing,
Every desire of Your Most Precious Heart.

Heart of Love, Most Sacred Heart,
Move in me as day by day
You teach me Your Ways
And engulf me in Your Love
With no desire of escape.


The Widow’s Walk

You are here.
I feel You
Bonded to my heart.
But You are mostly silent now.
The Dark Night wears on
As I watch and wait.
Like a widow of the sea
Pacing on her widow’s walk,
Hoping to catch a glimpse
Of that far-off ship,
So is my mind, searching,
Pacing the inner caverns
Hoping to catch a glimpse,
To hear a Word, from You, Beloved.

Once I was in the Land of Milk and Honey.
Your sweetness flowed like honey
Through the dark recesses of my soul.
But You have stepped away
Leaving me room to grow,
To do the work of my soul.
But this work is too hard
To do alone, without You, Beloved.
Like the boulders covering the tomb,
It is hard to move alone.
Let Your gentle breeze
Comb over my soul
Until I must speak again
Of the tenderness
Of Your Love.


On Wings of Love

Your arms are so strong
To carry my burdens.
So light they are to You,
So heavy they were to me.
But You asked me
To place them on You, Beloved,
To fix my gaze
On Your eyes of Love
And Your Heart of deep tenderness.

How willingly I look upon You;
How tenderly I gaze upon Your Wounds,
And Your pierced Sacred Heart,
Still beating with Love,
Still pouring out for us.
Your immense pain,
Your deep sadness,
Your Heart broken from neglect,
How willingly I would hold these to me
And carry it all for You, if I could!
How joyful would my heart be
If I could ease the burden
Of Your Precious Heart
Wounded so often by us.

My burdens dissolve so easily
In Your arms of Love.
If I share Your Passion
As You ask,
Will the piercing of my heart
For Your Love
Move Your Heart to mingle
Your Sacred Blood
With my human heart
So moved with compassion for Yours?

If my arms were only as large
As my desire and longing for You!
Then I would carry Your Heart
Embraced to mine
And as You take my burdens
And I take Yours,
How light they would become
On the wings of most tender Love!

The sighs of Your Most Sacred Heart
Shake my soul, my Beloved,
Loosening the grip of my body
On this heart and soul.
Trembling to receive Your pain,
My heart opens to You
And is pierced
With Your most precious Love.


Small Heart

Sensing Your Presence
Like a delicate fragrance in the wind,
My soul moves to You
Like leaves in a gentle breeze,
And my heart seeks to find You.

Gathering my movement to Yourself,
You open the well-springs of my heart
That overflow, rising to meet You,
And my longing pours forth,
So is it consumed
In Your thirsting Heart.

There I am broken
Before Your Majestic Presence,
Crumbled into Your Heart and Your Will
To be consumed as Your bread,
Bread that feeds Your deep hunger for our love.

My heart knows only that it is Yours,
That Your immense Love
Includes a desire for this small heart.
My soul trembles with the knowledge
Of Your need for my smallness
And I give way to Your Will,
Your Grace, Your Majesty, Your Love,
As You take this dust of a heart
And breathe into it Your Life,
Creating it for You alone.

Rest in this heart made for You, my Lord.
Consume me in Your Love
That You may have all You desire
Of this small heart that is all Yours.


Take All, My Lord

Your Flames softly scour my heart, my Lord,
Preparing a place for You.
Your tender Heart moves upon me
Filling my scoured heart and soul.
Fill me completely, my Lord,
That I may give it all to You!
Sweet, tender Heart of my God,
Flames so tender that lap around my heart,
Come, most precious Heart
With Your love so pure
Nothing can hold it
But must give it away.

Tender piercings of Your Heart’s thorns
You press into my heart
That I may know Your pain
Instead of mine
Which You have already taken
Into Your Heart.
Love Me, think of My Heart
And how I suffer for you,
You press tenderly into my heart.
Feel My love, My pain,
My longing to share all
With your human heart.

Lord, my God, my Beloved,
Press me with Your thorns,
Capture me with the nails that held You
Yet pierce deeper still.
Pierce my heart as deeply as possible
With the love that held You
Bound to the Cross
Of our sins and weaknesses.

To the very depths of my soul
You pierce with Your love,
Your love that sacrifices all.
My very being cries out to You,
Take all, my Lord, take all!
Barely a whisper away,
You rush to take all I give.
Hungering for my heart,
Thirsting for my soul,
You take all that I offer
To my Beloved.

Your Sacred Heart, my precious Lord,
Is all that I desire.
I am consumed in You, my Love,
As Your Holiness moves upon and devours me
As all that was before passes away,
Until all that is left of me
Is You, my Beloved.


Close To My Heart

Stones shift and fall,
Soon all of me is on the ground again.
Painfully humbling is this ground
And as I search for meaning from the dust
I feel Your hand slip into mine.
Your hand is so strong and steady
While mine is so weak and shaking.
Where am I, my Lord? I ask.

You are here with Me, You whisper.

But I am so vulnerable,
So exposed, so confused,
So in need of all You are.

I know, You console,
And I am here.
Born in a stable,
Crucified on a Cross,
My body has always been close
To those on the ground.
And My Heart is here always.

Your Heart moves upon mine,
Piercing with Thorns so deeply.
Come closer, You invite,
With great longing and gentleness
And my piercing finds its home
In Your Heart.

I am meek and humble of Heart,
Be here with Me in agony and neglect.
To find Me you must come close
To the Cross of humiliation
Where few wish to come.

But I await you here
With open arms; arms surrendered,
Forced open, nailed down,
Yet open still for your tender love.
Love Me here in the dust
As I long for you deeply.
Hold Me close,
Heart against Heart,
Where I will hold you, console you,
As the dust settles,
Close to My Heart.