Too Small


Please forgive me

That Your thoughts are so beyond mine

That I can hardly comprehend You.

Please forgive me

That Your will is so perfect,

That Your plan so far-reaching,

Yet my eyes can only see so far

And in my short-sightedness,

I can only see part of You.

Please forgive me

That in Your Perfection

You can see all of me:

You can see all my thoughts,

You can see all my fears;

My heart is no mystery to You,

Nor my cracks

That You have glued together

So often with Your Love.


Lord, You know me

Deeper than I know myself.

Please forgive me

If I frustrate You

With my flounderings,

With my flutterings

Like a bird of the wilderness

Trapped in a human cage.


You have found me

So many times

Searching for You

While You stand within.

Though You know

You are so majestic,

So far beyond me

That my reach falls short,

Still You know my heart, dear Lord,

And You know it is You I love

With all my heart,

Little as that is.


Though my smallness breaks my heart,

For I desire to give You more,

Yet my smallness seems to please You

And my weakness draws Your strength.


As tears fall of disappointment,

Your gentle hands catch every one.

Holding them as jewels;

Your tenderness soothes

The torment of my soul

And Your eyes of kindness

Catch my soul

In Your embrace.

Your greatness catches my smallness

And my smallness adores

All that You are,

Though I am too small

To know.



Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Come to My Heart

Today is a very special day to me. It is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
It is what I have consecrated my life to- what He has asked of me.
The following prayer poem is also available in an audio CD with accompanying booklet at this site:
There are some prayers of Consecration and other Sacred Heart prayers on this page.

Have a blessed Feast day and visit Him if you can in adoration this day.

Come To My Heart

I am here.
Do you not see Me
Hanging on this Cross before you?
My hands nailed to your sins,
My feet to your will.
I am here,
Begging your mercy!
My Heart is yours for the asking.
I am your God,
Full of power and will,
Yet I submit to your hearts
On this Cross,
Breaking, bleeding, for your love.
My head is pierced with a
Crown of humiliation.
Each thorn pierces the skin,
Driving itself into My skull,
Each movement a reminder
That your minds cannot comprehend
The mind of your God.
But must you hate Me
Because I am greater than you?
You were made for Me to love,
To hold tenderly in My Heart
And share the treasures of My love.
All I ever wanted was to love you.
You have turned away,
Afraid of this love.

It is true that
What I ask is hard.
I ask for you to be all Mine,
All Mine to hold you in My hands,
To surround you with My Heart,
To use you in My plan,
To form you into My precious jewel
To adorn My Crown of Glory.
You will be there, in mutual adoration,
If your heart is Mine.

You see, My precious ones,
I ask for your adoration
Because I adore you!
Your heart is most precious to Me
And I cry out for it day and night.
Give it to Me and I will love it, forever!
Submit completely to My will
And I will show you
What your heart really desires.

My desire is for you.
My Heart aches for you.
The very thought of you
As I hang here on this Cross
Stirs My Sacred Heart deeply
And it writhes within Me
With desire for your heart,
My Beloved.

Will you not give Me
What I desire
As I hang here bleeding
My Precious Blood for you?
My body a mass of oozing wounds
From the scourging of your souls
Burns with pain and desire.
There is a balm for My pain:
If in your heart you will cherish
And adore Me,
If in your thoughts, you will submit
To My higher thoughts,
If in your body you will join Me,
Easing My pain by willingly sharing it.

Dearly Beloved,
My Sacred Heart
Exposed for you to see
All that I am
Burns with desire for you.
Look to My Heart,
Love My Heart
That so loves you.
Come to My arms of love,
Nailed to your Cross
That you may see
My arms are here for you always.
My Heart churns with desire for you.
Will you not satisfy My desire
For your heart and soul?
I will keep it close to Me,
Embraced in My Heart