The Only Thing I Know

My fortresses fall, my mountains crumble,
Stars and earth move around me.
Nothing is untouched, nothing is real,
Save a growing core,
Immovable, solid yet soft, unchanging.

This only grows stronger and clearer,
As everything else falls around me.
There is only one thing I know.
There is only one thing that is real.

You, O Sacred Heart of my God,
Are at the core of who I am.
You, O Sacred Heart of Love,
Are the only thing unchanging in me.
My love for You, O Sacred Heart,
Is all I know of myself that I am sure of.
My love for You is all I am
And all I want to be.

Like the Nugget left after the furnace
Turns ore to gold, are You, my Lord.
Like the Rock left after the tide
Washes away the sand, are You, My Lord.
Like the Light of a burning flame
Holding off the darkness, are You, my Lord.

You have not moved in Your love for me.
You have held me still, unchanging in my love for You
Though in everything else I crumble.
Your Heart of Love, like the cement of my life,
Holds me together with the only thing I know.



Lantern in the Night

I sit by the water’s edge

Watching the lapping water

Move through my empty nets.

Some days empty nets seem full

And others full nets seem empty.

I wait by the water’s edge

Listening for Your call,

Watching for Your beckon.

My heart is heavy from the weight

Of lost fish and lost fishermen.

Desiring only Your Heart

Only to be with You,

Only to do Your Will,

I am confused by the darkness

And the empty nets.

My heart is weary from the struggle.

It searches for You

Among the seaweed and nets.

Glancing at every person

Who comes my way,

I look for a glimmer of Your Flame

In their eyes.

Your Flame grows silently in my heart.

As You grow brighter,

The world in contrast grows dimmer

As when you leave a brightly lit room,

The darkness outside is so much darker.

I raise my hands against the darkness

And call Your name.

Tear through the darkness

With Your Light!

Take my heart into Your wounded hands

And teach me to love like You

Through the darkness,

Through the pain,

Through the emptiness.

Inflame Your Light in this soul

Made empty for You

And make my emptiness

Your lantern in the night.


Rest Your Head In Our Hearts

O Lamb of God,
So gentle, so pure,
The Unblemished One,
You, who brought us Life,
You, who brought us Hope,
You, who brought us Love,
A love so immense
Even the universe and eternity
Cannot contain it.
You ask so little in return.
You, who gave until every precious drop of Blood
Drained from Your Body,
Breathing words of love and mercy until the end,
Have mercy of us!

Most Holy One,
Behind Your gentle eyes lies an
Eternity wrapped within
Your Sacred Heart of Love.
Receive our hearts into Yours!

You, Lord, could have been anything,
But You chose to be Love:
Pure, unblemished,
Unaffected by time and neglect,
Ever-hoping, ever-waiting
For a small return of our love.
Ever knocking at the cold door
Of our hardened hearts,
You whisper through the
Cracks in our hearts.
You weep in the cold,
The wounds in Your hands and feet aching,
Your pierced side seeping still
The precious Blood of Life Eternal,
The water of forgiveness.
But You die on that Cross alone, again,
In a world
That seldom hears You,
That seldom sees You,
That turns away from Your precious gift of Yourself.
Forgive us for we know not what we do!

“The foxes have their laires,
The birds of the sky their nests,
But the Son of Man
Has no where to lay His head.” (Luke 9:58)

The world of sin and weakness
Could never be home
To a love as pure as Yours.
Lord, we throw open the doors
Of our hardened hearts for You, our Perfect Lord!
Take comfort in our imperfect love
And find in our hearts a place
Washed clean by Your Sacrifice,
Made whole in Your Love,
A place of comfort to lay Your head and heart!
Teach us to love You , O Lord.
Teach us to love You as You desire, O Lord!
May You find Your rest in us,
May we find our rest in You.