Hearts Beat As One

Most Precious Savior,
Who alone commands my heart,
The call of Your deep longing
Shakes my soul.
Your desire penetrates
To the depths of my soul,
Stirring my soul
To a trembling desire
For You, my God.

Your unquenched thirst for our love
Stirs me from sleep,
Its fragrance distracts me
From my day
With thoughts of You
Weaving through every thought
And every action taken for You.

Your Passion for our love ignites
A Fire in my heart
And a deep, penetrating longing
That overtakes all I am,
Drawing me into union
With an overwhelming desire
For the Heart of my God.

You have lured me
With tempting tastes
Of Your Love
That ignite a passionate desire
For all that You are
At all costs.
My longing cannot be met
Except in deepest union of hearts
Completely absorbed
In the heart of the other,
Unable to define boundaries,
Lost, with no desire
To be found apart
From the Heart of the Beloved.

Holy union,
Precious union
That leaves my soul trembling
For more,
I cannot take a breath
Outside of You
For I will suffocate
From want of Your Love.
I cannot quench my thirst,
My desire for Your Love
Outside of You;
A desire to surrender all I am
So totally to Your Love
That You have consumed me
And I am helpless in Your embrace,
Unable and unwilling to turn away
Even for an instant.

Here in Your all-consuming embrace
Is where I want to be
For all eternity
In a union of Love
Uniting one longing to another
As Your Love penetrates
And overwhelms all I am.
I am captive, completely bound,
Unable to move from Your Love.

O Heart of Holy Passion
That so inflames my own,
You are all to me
And this is all I desire.

I give You my heart,
For You have shaken me,
Flooded me, so consumed me
With the sweet nectar of Your Love
That I cannot live without You.

You, my Beloved,
Command all I am
With the beat of Your Heart
That has overtaken mine.
So absorbed in You am I
That our hearts beat as one
As I am found in You
And You find rest in me
From the weariness of a world
That has lost their lover.