Quiet Heart

A still Heart
Burns silently within.
Its quiet passion,
Its dynamic stillness
Moves so gently and quietly
Into the listening heart,
Yet hovers ready, encircling
The hard and cold heart:
Its warmth softening,
Its Truth revealing,
Its Love stirring,
A Love so silently enlivening
Resistance is overcome,
Gently surrendering
To a fuller communion
With this gentle Heart of Love,
Lord of Life.

Touch of reckless abandonment,
Softly creeping like a sleeping child’s breath,
No walls hold back,
No strings attach
To the silent avalanche of Your Love
Waking from slumber
The hearts made for You,
Stirring in them a desire
For something more.
For You, O Heart of Infinite Treasures,
For You, O Sacred Heart of hearts,
For You, O Firestorm of Love.
You overcome my heart with Your silent calling
Until I give in to Your passionately ceaseless Love,
O Keeper of my heart and soul.