Gaze That Binds

Called to Your Cross alone,
Just You and I,
Set apart from the crowd,
I kneel at Your feet
Entranced by Your beauty.
Even now Your perfect beauty
Is overwhelming to me.

I gaze into the sweet face of my Savior.
Your face rests against Your shoulder,
Head too weak to hold.
Eyes open to my gaze,
Softening to the look of love.
Eyes that know my soul,
Eyes that know my future,
Eyes that see me as I am
Soften into a gaze
That shakes my soul.

Nowhere to hide.
You know all I am.
This gaze so grippingly intimate
I crumble beneath it.
How can I survive this gaze?
Yet never could I look away.
I am caught, helpless
In the trance of Your love.

Heart spills forth its contents.
Heart meets heart,
Eyes meet eyes
As the shame of centuries
Passes before my eyes and heart
And is consumed in Your
Gaze of love;
Gaze that reveals all yet
Gaze that touches all
In the mercy of Your Heart.
All else melts away,
Reduced to two hearts
And a gaze that binds
In holy union of love.



Lord of my heart,
Keeper of my soul,
Before Your Majestic Presence
You stir my heart to adore You.
You stir my soul to worship
All that You are, O Holy One.
There I am overcome by Your Grace
That touches my heart so deeply
With a knowledge of Your Love
That is so deep, so complete,
So incomprehensible
That You would offer Yourself
Each day on all altars,
Sacrifice all You are for each of us.
Such unrestrained giving of all
That You would gladly stay
Alone, rejected, longingly awaiting,
Just for the few who find You, Beloved,
And fall before You consumed
In Your Precious Love.

For this,
Sweet moments of Love and Consolation,
You would suffer many hours
Of lonely isolation
Just to be there,
Whole and fully Present,
Adoring our hearts
As we adore Yours.

In this union of the Beloved with the beloved,
All time, all pain erased.
All love, all eternity present.
Union unexplained,
Unseen, untouched,
Trembles the Heart of the universe,
Tears the eyes of the Divine.
Love begets Joy,
O Sacred Heart of our God,
O Sacred Heart of our souls.



I look into your heart
To find you
And it is like an ice storm:
Frigid, hard, unyielding.

I crush beneath the weight
Of your rejection.
I walk among you
Seeking a welcoming heart,
But you turn away
And I am left
Alone in a crowd of billions.

My heart is so heavy with sorrow,
The pain is so intense;
The tearing flesh from your nails
Holds Me where you want Me,
At a safe distance;
My head is nearly numb;
I can barely breathe with pain
As my stomach turns,
Unable to endure much more.

My gaze rests
On My precious ones,
Objects of my loving desire,
As I struggle for one last look,
One last chance to be embraced
Before it is finished.
How could I have loved you more?

Take everything, My beloved.
Take My Flesh and eat,
Take My Blood and drink,
For I am yours.
I give you all
And I serve it
In the Chalice of Love,
My Sacred Heart
On fire for you.

Will you embrace all I give
For your love?
Or will you crush Me
With your rejection
And leave Me once more
Cold on the Cross?
I await, My Heart aching, dying,
For you.
How can I love you more?


The Cathedral of My Heart

Your tomb lies empty.
Yes, this tomb in Your Holy City
Lies empty
For death of the body
Could not conquer You,
O Life.

The tomb lies empty.
The cathedral,
Monument to Your people’s
Love affair with their God.
Whole towns,
Whole generations,
Offered their best
To praise Your Glory,
Built to house a village
So they might worship You as one,
A testimony to their love
And their awe at Your Glory.

The tomb lies empty.
A few tourists,
A few old ladies in black
Trickle in
Where once the Life of the village
Was kept.
You, Lord of Life, remain
In this tomb,
A living reminder of Your Love,

The tomb lies empty.
How cruel that You,
Who daily Sacrifice Your Life for our love
To remain with us
Where we can touch You in Your Glory,
Disguised in the simple cloak of bread,
How cruel that we abandon You,
O King of Love,
On Your Throne alone
As the tomb echoes with emptiness
And the dark halls of Your throne room,
Once the banquet room,
Lie still.

The tomb that we, not life,
Have buried You in
Lies empty,
But for You.

Lord, my Life,
Enter the cathedral of my heart
Made for You.
Enter this heart not a tomb,
But a shrine to Your Love,
O Sacred Heart.
Enter upon Your Throne of Glory
As I adore You unceasingly.
Enter into Your Garden of Consolation
As You rest cherished in my love.

Come, my Lord,
Enter my life saved for You
Where You are all to me.
Where You will never be alone,
Where You will never lack
For love,
For praise,
For glory,
In the constant turning
Of my thoughts, my love,
To You, my Joy.
Your Sacrifice for me
Will never go unwatched, unexperienced,
But will water the roots of my soul
Bringing forth the fruits
Of Your pure Sacrifice,
O Sacred Heart,
In my growing heart
On fire for You,
Adoring You,

Come, Beloved, and enter my heart,
Fill my soul
Never to be alone again,
Never to be uncherished,
You, O Lord, are my life.
All of it.


Treasure of My Heart

Sweet Treasure of my heart,
You whose Brilliance invades my soul
And captures it for Your own,
Light the passageways of my soul
In its stormy journey to Your Sacred Heart,
Center of my universe,
Substance of what is real.

The fragrance of Your Love haunts me,
Turning me away from worldly thoughts,
Enticing me to You, O Sacred Heart.
Your Lordship over me consumes my soul
In a grateful praise and burning Love,
Turning me ever closer to You.

Pain, like syrup of the soul,
Pours forth Your Love.
Rejection, like a caress of Love,
Leads me on in Your pursuit.
Abandonment, that solitary cell,
Disguising a chapel of Love
Wherein You are found
And in finding, desired more,
And in desiring more,
Inebriates in a solitary Love
That consumes all in a single flame;
A Majestic Furnace that at once satisfies
The hunger of our souls,
Yet increases it still
In a never-ending desire for,
An ever-intensifying embrace of
Your Beloved Heart of Love.

Sweet Brilliance of Love,
Invade and capture my soul,
For it is already Yours,
Given in the stormy nights,
In the warm, peaceful days
And in the dark, solitary cell of my heart
Lit only by Your Light,
O Flame of Love,
O Heart of my soul.