The Portal

The door opens,
The one whose threshold is Your Cross
And Your hand reaches to mine
From that place where it is just You and I
And where union is beyond words,
Where hearts rest in each other
And want of nothing more.

As I reach for You
Your hand gently takes mine
And Your deep tenderness
Leads me on.
All in this desolate place
Rips at my body,
Tears at my soul,
Trying to keep a foothold,
A holding grip,
To root me here in this world.

Each grip is a struggle for freedom.
You beckon, holding my hands,
As they tear me, break me;
Yet in my brokenness
They lose their grip, I my bindings,
And I cross the threshold
Completely alone,
Like a snake losing its skin
As all that holds me back
Holds that dead part of me
While the rest of me moved on,
Reborn on the inner side
Of Your Cross.

Bowed to Your tender majesty,
Saved by Your merciful grace,
In this place where the universe
Is only You and I,
Our hearts blend in a softness
Beyond words,
Where love is the air we breathe
And the chalice we share,
Where the solitary portal,
The desperate dying step,
Has become a step into
The embrace of the Beloved.

The din of the world grows fainter now
From this side of the portal
As the wine of Your Love inebriates
And I find my place in You,
Beyond the reach
Of a world in exile.

What is left of me
Is what You seem to treasure
For it is the part of me that pours forth
When You beckon with Your Heart of Love
Asking for all;
The blood of my life
Poured forth in love
For You.


Home In Exile

Love grows quietly
In the darkness of exile
Secretly transforming the prisoner,
Shackled alone in helplessness,
Into the Bridal Chamber of the Heart,
Willingly surrendered, in secret, to the Groom,
Who silently steals into her heart
Transforming exile into paradise.

What happens in darkness
Is flooded with Light.
What appears as abandonment
Is overwhelmed with Love
So sweet, so deeply intimate,
So powerful, so tender,
So gentle, so overwhelming,
That the prisoner,
Though in appearance still detained
In the dark, empty cell,
Is taken away to the Bridal Chamber,
Secretly wooed by the Beloved.

There the Feast has already begun
In the heart of the starved.
There the Groom already leads
In the dance of willing surrender
In the heart of the shackled.

Love reigns
In the deepest, intimate embrace
Where boundaries are lost
And love absorbed into greater Love;
Where longings and yearnings and hungers
Are served the first course in the Feast,
Filling so sweetly, so delicately,
Yet yearning for more;

Yearning for the unveiled Light,
For the dance of the Beloved,
For the final Embrace of surrender
Where all is lost, yet All is found;
Yearning still, yet filled
Beyond all hope.

Here in exile
You steal away my heart
To Your Kingdom, Your Secret Chamber,
Where my helplessness is Your strength,
So easily moved by Your touch,
And the love and longings of my heart
Are touched so deeply by
The Love and longings of Your Heart
That well springs are released in my soul
And I am fed by the Spring of Eternal Love.
Such sweet nourishment,
So tender a touch,
So powerfully Your hands take my heart,
Moving me to Your every desire.

O Lord of Love,
There is no Beloved as You
Who can hold my trembling heart,
Delighting in inflaming it to passion
By Your tenderest touch.
Though shackled in exile,
My heart is limp
With the Love of the Beloved,
Barely able to hold a grip
Onto the form it occupies.
I am filled with the Kingdom
Whose sounds and fragrance haunt my soul;
Whose Beloved embrace
Sets me free of the boundaries of exile
And fills my soul until it bursts
Into Your Loving Heart;
Home in You, O Sacred Love.