Silent Abandonment

Silent Abandonment

Silently and gently
I crouch at the foot
Of Your Cross, my Beloved.
My small human heart
Quietly bursts within
As I witness such total Love;
The unblemished Lamb
Slowly slaughtered before me.
Yet you so tenderly love the slaughterer
As sweetly as the saint.

In the shadow of Your Cross
Your Heart pours forth a Love
So immense, so pure,
So passionately emptying,
My heart is inflamed in a
Raging storm of love for You.

I thirst, You call out in Your dying agony.
Tell me, my Beloved, what You desire
That I may satisfy You,
That I may comfort You.
It is your heart I desire,
You tenderly beg.
It is your heart I die for.
Come gather My Heart into yours
As it bursts in Love fully given.

Your Heart begins to touch
The deepest parts of my heart and soul
And I am helpless to resist You.
Hearts touch so intimately
I cannot endure this Love
Without dying into You,
Drowning in Your Love.
My heart is engulfed in the Flames
Of Your most Sacred Heart.
I am consumed, fully given,
To Your passionate inner touch
That leaves my soul trembling
And my heart completely overwhelmed.

Taking my heart into Yours,
Your Heart drinks of my desire to love You.
Here in the center, our hearts meet,
Engulfed in a Love
That knows no boundaries
And nourishes our greatest desires
In the joy of mutually abandoning Love.