Feast of the Sacred Heart and For You Are My Beloved

In honor of this sacred feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, let us give ourselves to Him in the way He desires to be loved. ~Margaret Claire

For You Are My Beloved

O My people,
So hard you try to find Me.
Yet you look past My Divine Heart
That is right before you.
Here I stand before you
So longing for you to see Me
And feel the depth of My love for you.
Yet you search for Me with your minds,
Even love Me in your way.
Yet you look past My open Heart
On fire for you.

My Love is not comfortable.
It does not fit neatly into liturgies,
Or classes, or lives.
My Love shakes the foundation
Of all you are,
For it makes all things new.
It opens your hearts and your lives to Me.
And leaves no stone unturned.

Embrace My radical Love
Flaming here before you.
Let Me draw you close, O My people.
Throw yourselves into the Fire of My Love
And be consumed in My Heart
Where you will find your heart’s desire
In the passion of My embrace;
For you are My people
And I am your God.

I count every hair on your head,
I catch every tear,
I hear every thought,
I know your heart so intimately.
You cannot hide from My Love.

Yet only you can take Me in,
Opening the doors to your heart.
I am cold, I am alone,
Shivering in the darkness
Of your questioning minds
And your comfortable lives.
Your hearts barely know Me,
Only allowing Me into your parlors,
But not in your intimate chambers
Where your life is lived.

I long for you, Beloved!
Can you not feel my desire
For all of you?
Come into My Heart
Where I may consume all you are,
Touching your heart in ways
That will never be touched
By any other.
For you are my Beloved
And I am your God.



Your Hiding Place

Like a cloud of death,
Darkness moves into hearts
Leaving whitewashed tombs,
Yet rotting from the heart
With only dead man’s bones remaining.
This place, these hearts,
That should hold Your welcomed rest,
That should be filled like a lantern
With Your Light and grace,
Yet like a black hole
Sucks everything to itself,
Burying it in the tomb of their lives.

My poor, small heart aches
For my Beloved,
That Your eyes should see
Such coldness and filth;
That Your Heart should feel
Such hate;
That Your chosen ones,
Who profess Your love
Should live in such darkness.
Vipers, dead men’s bones?
Your words echo through the centuries.

Make of my heart, Beloved,
A reservoir of Love
That You may quench Your thirst
When the world grows dry.
Make of me a hiding place.
When Your sadness overcomes You
Wrap Yourself in my heart
And let me hide You from the world
That resists Your grace.

Close the gap
And let my love fall upon You,
As Yours on me.
Let me bathe Your wounds,
Let Your gaze be distracted
And fall on me
Who cherishes, who adores,
Who longs to love You
As You desire, my Beloved.

Let my heart be so moved
That is stirs Your Sacred Heart.
Let my heart be so opened,
So willing, so longing
That You cannot stay away!
Be distracted by love
And a heart that though small,
Holds an eternity of desire
To love my Lord completely.
Blend the eternity of this love with Yours
That You may never feel abandoned
Nor Your eyes fall on dead man’s bones
But feast on the love that You have given
And fall into the embrace
That openly awaits
Your Sacred Love.


Twilight to Innocence

Twilight came
And what was clear
Became harder to discern
As all faded to grays.
Where are the landmarks? The signposts?
Where was the guiding Light?
Searching passionately for Truth
Through the twilight and
The misty disguises of the world,
Wandering in circles
In the deepening darkness,
A chill set in,
A fear of losing the Way,
Yet unable to discern the horizon
In the darkness.
Where are You, Lord?
How do I find You?

Calling to You,
Holding onto my small flame of hope,
Come, O Light, to my darkness!
A hand slipped into mine,
A warmth grew in my soul
And You were there
Where You had been all along,
Waiting, silently,
For the longing of my heart to grow,
And for my desire for You
To overcome the twilight
That leads to darkness.

Hope dawned anew
In the colors of Your Love.
You lead me, Lord,
To the paths of Your Heart.
Your hands gathering my soul
From the shattering confusion
Lure me deeper into Your Heart.
The softness of Your touch,
The gentleness of Your Love,
Move my heart engulfing it in You.

Each step closer still,
A softness so man can touch
Yet only feel in a soul
Transparent with Your Love.
Like the eye of a storm of Love,
You center Yourself in my heart.
All I am moves in You,
Softly, until even this broken temple
Dissolves into Your grace
And is suspended
In the Flame of Your Love,
Moving, silently, in You.

Pure desire for Holiness
In Your Sacred Heart,
Sweet longing for Your Precious Love,
Softens this heart, drawing it to a place
Of Innocence reborn,
Precious in Your sight,
Melted by Your Heart,
Molded by Your gentle hands.
Come to Me,
Surrender all to Me,
You lure my heart that is
Helpless in Your hands
Of pure Love.


Moved Softly

Spirit of Holiness
Your soft hands move my heart.
They shape my soul.
Like a cloud in the wind
I move to Your Will alone.

You stir the embers in my heart
To such deep passion,
Igniting so immense a desire
For the Heart of my Beloved.
You dance my captured heart
Into His embrace,
Knowing I am helpless here,
Surrendered to His Love.
Here in the embrace of His Heart,
Nothing moves in me
But to His Sacred Desire.
You deliver me, O Holy Spirit,
Into His waiting Heart,
And I am completely His,
As You desire.

My soul, transparent, revealed,
My will captured
In the hands of the Master,
I am moved softly
On the waves of His Heart.
All of me released
Into His Holy Will,
I move more in His kingdom
Than in the world’s.
Owned completely by His Heart of Love,
I am released from bondage
And shudder in His Love
That lifts me into
His Perfect, most Sacred Heart.


A Resting Place

Last night I was reading from now St. John XXIII’s “Journal of a Soul” and one part jumped out at me. Not a new concept, but for some reason it moved me last night. It is the part from the section where he is in the seminary at Bergamo. In it he says, “Think of him as a child in a cradle. Christ the Creator, the Lord of the world, Redeemer of mankind, found no one to welcome him when He came on this earth. On the contrary, he could find no lodging; no one would give him shelter, everyone said there was no room for him, so he was obliged to take refuge in an old abandoned stable and there he first appeared to men.” (p. 133 my version, my emphasis) Of course, like most, I had meditated on this concept before, but for some reason, maybe the profound wording, it really hit me at this moment in time. What struck me is “everyone said there was no room for him…” How like today. Do we make room for Him in our worlds? Our lives are so filled with other things that He is often our last thought. He has given us everything, made this amazing world for us, and yet we could not even find a room for Him to enter our world in. And can we now make room for Him in our hearts?

A Resting Place

Let me be Your tabernacle, Lord.
Let me hold You in my heart.
Let me protect Your Heart from the attacks,
The sneers, the iciness and apathy.
Let me be a resting place
For Your weary head and ravaged Heart.

Let me build this tabernacle with love.
Let me hold it up with service.
Let me warm it with my heart.
Let me make it soft with my tears
That You may find some comfort,
However small and weak, in me.

Lord, if I could just be what You desire!
If I could just love as You wish!
If I could blind Your eyes to the indifference
And soften the blows of rejection.
Lord, I will love You thus, always.

Like the manger, humble and weak,
That became Your earthly throne,
Will You allow my heart to be a resting place
For Your most Sacred Heart of Love?


The Door Unlocked

I have left the door unlocked to my heart,
Unlocked for You, Lover of my soul.
My soul trembles in anticipation
As You throw open the door to my heart
And enter in to my loving embrace.
Come, Sweet Jesus, with Your Spirit of Love
Into my inner embrace for You alone.
My heart, my soul pour forth their contents
Opening to Your touch
Every chamber of my heart and soul
Yet every closet and hiding place
Gone into the Light of Your Love,
Willingly surrendered to Your Lover’s Embrace.

Beloved, I give You my heart made for You.
It is now Your Sanctuary for Your eternal repose
In the arms of one who loves You;
Your stage to proclaim Your Love,
As You wish, to Your world;
Your lantern for Your Light
To reach out in the darkness;
Your Fountain to overflow Your Precious Gifts
Upon those who approach
A heart made for You.

O Lord, Your Sacred Heart expands
To meet those who long for Your embrace.
Take us in to Your inner chambers
There to be engulfed
In the power of Your Love,
Caving in to the sweetness of Your Love
To be lost in Your Embrace.
Our ears filled with Your Words of Love
Can hear nothing else.
Our eyes blinded by Your Love
Can see nothing else.
Our souls embraced in Your Sacred Heart
Find this Furnace of Love
Burns away the desire
For anything else,
Suspended in the warm joy
Of Your Perfect Love.


For The Asking

Deep within the core of my soul
Your Spirit moves,
Like lava deep within the earth’s core
Moving, burning, building momentum.
Your Spirit, outpouring of Your Heart,
Stirs the deepest parts of me,
Like embers stirred,
Inflaming my love to fire.
Your deep touch, Your stirring,
The movement of a Love so pure,
So precious, so intimate,
It fills my deepest desires
Yet inflames my desires still!
How could I desire more?
Yet my heart longs for
All You desire to give!

Your Precious, Intimate Presence within,
Your movement stirring my passion for You,
This touch of Love so sweet
It must be for one alone.
Yet the Majesty of Your Sacred Heart
Is that this Temple of Precious Love
Comes to each who ardently asks.
So immense is Your Love,
Yet so intimate Your touch
That each You created can know and feel
The Hand and Heart of God
For only one,
In deep communion
With one’s soul and heart
For the asking.