Fragrance of the Beloved

Like the sweet fragrance of the Beloved
That lures one’s thoughts away
From any attention to worldly things
Until all thoughts are focused on,
All emotions locked into,
The sweet Presence of one’s Beloved,
So You creep into my thoughts,
You stir my heart
Until I am helpless to not
Immerse myself in Your sweet Presence.

You who desire to be so loved
As to be constantly in my thoughts,
You stir my emotions always to immense love
Leaving not even a moment
Without Your longing for love,
Like a fragrance surrounding me,
Creeping between my thoughts and actions,
Until You are all that is in my heart
And You have lifted me helplessly
Into Your Heart’s sweet embrace.

You are my only breath.
You are what nourishes my soul.
You are the Light in my darkness,
The Fire consuming my heart,
And You have captured my soul,
Overwhelming my small human heart.
I can only follow Your every move,
Helpless to resist Your sweet touch,
Your Sacrifice of Love,
Your deep challenges to my soul,
The surrender of my life and will,
Lured continuously by
The sweet, intoxicating fragrance
Of the Heart of my Beloved.


Not Enough Words

How do I begin to speak
Of the power of Your love and grace
That transforms every cell in my body,
Every wisp of my spirit,
All that I am that I know
And even that which I don’t know,
Into something unspeakable,
Something so filled, so saturated,
So full of incomprehensible majesty,
Yet touched to the deepest core,
The origin of my being,
With the unutterable, beyond human,
Completely consuming intimacy of divine love.

Lord, there are no words,
For You are the Word,
The only expression of the totality
Of the love that You are.
Every word I use is not enough,
Nor can I use it enough times
If I spoke every second
To speak of that which
You have poured into my soul.
You have shaken my total being
Leaving me overwhelmed,
Trembling with Your Spirit,
Unable to speak of such love
That only the taste of its eternity
Leaves me dying in Your arms.
I am left consumed
With Your grace and life
To where I am lost in You,
Only a point of love in the majesty of Your Heart,
Yet a point loved with infinite intimacy
And held eternally in the loving Heart
Of my God, my eternal Beloved.

There are not words enough to speak
The tender power of Your love in my soul
That catches me into an eternity
Of consuming surrender to joy
In Your overwhelming love.
Tender Heart, precious Savior,
If only all Your lost and searching souls
Whom You wish to love
Would just taste of Your
Unspeakable Love.

Senses of My Soul

Softly I creep
Into Your Eucharistic Presence.
Your Spirit fills me,
Taking ahold of me,
Drawing me in to the Feast.

Come, You invite,
Into the banquet.
It is laid out before you.
Come and see, You beckon.
Taste of the Feast.

Like an enticing fragrance,
You fill the room and my soul.
Your Feast is irresistible
And everything becomes bathed
In Your exquisite beauty,
Softening colors, softening my heart,
Deepening the senses of my soul.

Surrendering to Your desires,
My heart enters the banquet,
Becoming one with the feast.
I am offered and You consume entirely.
I am filled, saturated and overwhelmed
As in joy You consume all I am
While pouring into me all You are.

The senses of my soul
Are so filled to overflowing
That the least touch or movement
Of Your Spirit in me
Is like a tiny sound in a deep silence
That overwhelms and moves the senses
To extreme alertness,
And I sense Your every thought,
Your every feeling,
Your slightest movement
Is known to me
And my heart follows.

Like two dancers in perfect union
I move wherever You go
And You are joyfully wherever I am.
Hearts are one,
Consumed in a love so inebriating
The universe is transformed
As are our hearts.
Poured out, my love,
Carried on the current of Your love,
Paints the universe a softer color,
A color of love, of joy and of peace.
Longing to remain here forever,
I hold You in my heart and soul.
Then in time, I carry
Your Kingdom and Your Heart
Where I go into the world.


The Freedom of Surrender

Heart of my Savior,
You know how my heart dances
To the beauty of all You are.
You know how like a bird who is free,
How hard I find the human cages of Man.
Their cages cannot contain
The freedom of my heart
That longs for You in the
Overwhelming beauty and tenderness
Of Your loving Heart
And in the pain and struggle
Of Your Heart of Sacrifice.
You are all to me,
Everything I desire.

My heart that breaks free
Of the cages of Man
Cannot be held in the struggle
Of small minds and callous hearts.
My heart having known its Beloved
Will not be taken by less.

What cannot be taken or caged,
This heart that longs to love
In total freedom and joy,
Can only be held by willing surrender
Of all that I am or will be.
I give this to You, my Beloved,
For You have loved me
In complete, humble, joyous surrender.
It is in the touching
Of completely surrendered hearts
That is found the overwhelming self-giving
And the freedom of love.

This heart that cannot be caged
You take in Your willing, gentle hands
As You give to me Your own.
As we are surrendered
To one another
The boundaries dissolve
And two hearts are one
In the beauty of surrendered hearts
Who cannot and desire not to find
Where one begins
And the other ends
In the joy of bindings of willing surrender
That unbinds the heart.


Overwhelm My Heart

Open your heart to Me, My Beloved,
Allowing its content to spill forth
In a constant stream of love,
The very stream I desire
For which I desperately thirst;
The very tender, sweet love
I long for, always.
The love I desire to consume
Into my starving Heart.

Open to Me your longing heart
As My Spirit stirs your deepest passions,
Forming your passionate love to mine.

My Heart trembles with longing
For the love you desire to give.
Pour yourself into My Heart,
Stirring My longing to be loved
Most tenderly, most passionately,
By the heart of My Beloved;
For I so long to be completely overwhelmed
With so tender and passionate a love
For all that I AM.

So loved, you stir in My Heart
A desire to pour Myself out
Into your world, for when you
Overwhelm My Heart with your love
My Heart is helpless to resist
And I must give you all you desire,
For it is My Heart that you desire
As I so desire yours.


All This

I look upon you, my Lord,
Hanging on that Cross.
So tenderly Your Heart beats for us.
So magnificently Your Love
Was Crucified on that Cross,
Aching to death for our love,
Sprawled, stretched
To the limit for Love,
Then nailed down,
Frozen in the act of total surrender,
Total selfless obedience
Of the human to the Divine.

I wonder while gazing upon
The Bloodless form
Of Your shattered Body,
Would it have not been enough,
Being obedient to death,
To die peacefully, surrounded
By those who love You?
Would not Your surrender
To death itself, in our place,
Be enough to save us?

All this so we would see
Your love for us.
All this so we would know
Your tender mercy.
All this, pain beyond imagination,
That we would know Your Heart of Love
That would stop at nothing
To gain our love.

Yet so often we stare
At Your frozen pain,
Your relentless humiliation,
And are not moved, feeling nothing.
You die alone again
For we do not even watch.

Lord, help me to watch with You
As You asked in the Garden
Of Your passionate surrender.
I will watch and pray with You,
Listening to the agony and longing
Of Your most Sacred Heart
Until it is finished
And You come again
To take me home to You.



Joy perseveres.
Moving through all,
Seeping through the cracks
In broken hearts,
Gnawing through the shackles
That bind our hearts.
Joy is not conquered
By death or persecution,
By pain or sorrow,
Injustice or humiliation.
Creeping quietly in all,
Joy reigns!

Painted in the colors of our experiences,
On the walls of our faith,
Joy springs to life,
Washing the dreariest day
With colors of overflowing hope.
Joy carries the Heart of our God
In radiant colors
Into the grayness of our lives;
Stripping pain of its mask,
It reveals but Joy!
In humiliation is found,
O meek and humble of heart,
But Joy! The Precious Heart of our Savior!

There is no darkness
The Light of Joy cannot conquer.
O Joy embraced!
O Heartbeat of a God
Moving His Sacred Love
Through His people’s lives
With untouchable Joy!