Come To Where I Am

You say that you love Me,
But can you come to where I am?
Can you meet Me here, in My suffering
And in My need for love?

I can have all the stars in the universe,
All the oceans and mountains are Mine.
All I have at My command,
Except for that which I desire the most.

It is your human heart,
Made to love Me,
That I desire
In the depths of My being.
Love, the nature of your God,
Is given freely,
Just as your Father gave His Son,
And His Son gave His life freely,
For your love.
This I desire,
Your heart, your life, given freely
To love Me in perfect union

I suffer for this love,
For it is so seldom given,
Completely surrendered,
As I desire,
As I gave to you.

Can you not fall willingly
Into the arms of your God?
Can you not let the breeze of My desire
Move you so tenderly and easily
Into My arms and into My Heart?
For it is you I desire,
A heart so free yet so surrendered
To all that I have planned for you.

How few come near,
As they feel My suffering.
Can you not come to where I am?
Can you not suffer with Me for a while?
For to suffer with Me,
You will find My Heart
And you will know your God,
Whose great longing is to be known,
And thus known, loved.

Can you find joy in sharing
What I feel in My human yet divine Heart?
Will you allow that which pierces Me
To pierce you for love?
Will you hold My ravaged Heart to yours
Where I may rest a while
Cradled in your love?
Will our hearts touch
And in so touching be one
In human and in divine love?
Will you know your God,
And in knowing Me, love Me
With all that you are
As I loved you?

For love,
I took on your human heart
And became one of you.
My Heart hurts as your heart.
Human apathy and rejection runs deep.
Hatred ravages My Heart.
Yet My divine Heart,
So rejected by Man,
Holds all My people in longing,
And waits in suffering
For their return.

Come ease My pain with your love.
Hold Me close so that I might feel your love
Cutting through the rejection of ages.
To hold Me close, you will suffer.
But to be one with My Heart
Will bring joy and graces
Beyond what you can imagine.
Touch this love,
Suffer for this love,
That I may tenderly capture your heart
In My Heart so rejected,
And joy may flow through this Heart again,
Overflowing from My Heart
To your tender human heart
That I desire.