Against The Darkness

Darkness crawls upon me
Seeking to extinguish Your Light,
Holding me prisoner in its evil grip.
Struggling against this bondage,
I am unable to free myself.

O Lord, build a Bonfire in my heart
Against this darkness.
No darkness can stand
Against Your Light.

I will always be here,
You promised me,
As You tucked Yourself as Eucharist
Deeply within my heart.
Find Me here, always.
Trust in My Love, You say,
In the face of darkness.
Open your heart fearlessly to Mine
In the heat of battle.

Bound tightly,
I surrender to the grip.
Letting go of the struggle,
I turn away from the darkness without
And turn to Your Light within.

Your Fire grows,
Singeing the cold edge of darkness.
My heart opens to Yours deeply,
Believing that where You are
Darkness cannot follow.
Grow in me, my Beloved.
Take what is Yours,
Which is all of me,
Into the Fire of Your Love.

Though darkness may grasp my body
In its evil claws,
Digging in against the battle,
My heart and soul are Yours, my Love,
And rest safely in Your arms,
Warmed against the cold by Your Love.

Moving deeper within,
The soft, tender touch
Of Your Heart moving in mine
Resurrects my heart
From the coldness of the grave
Of this darkness.

Live in me, my Beloved,
And let my heart be as kindling
In Your Bonfire of Love.
Let the Fire of Your Love
Consume all darkness, powerless
Against the Light of Your Love.



Softer Than Senses

Softer than sea foam
Your Spirit moves through me,
Touching so quietly and gently
Every part of me.
As You pass, my soul is left on fire,
The coals of my desire for You
Stirred to flame by Your passing.

How You torment me with Holy Desire!
Yet You catch this desire in Your Heart
As a treasure for You alone.
As You enliven my soul
So willing to be moved by Your grace,
My body becomes as a shadow,
A mere wisp that weakly and obediently follows
The movement of my heart and soul.
All form like shadow, like veil;
All Spirit a kingdom of the Heart,
Solid in the form of my Precious God.

All senses human rest
As the heart passes through Your veil
And is embraced in the Heart of the Sacred,
Stirring the senses divine;
Speaking a language of the Heart,
Touching and being touched
By a form, a sense so strong, so real,
No doubt can live
In the burning Furnace of this Heart,
A Heart that melts away all not held firm
In its grasp of Love.

Come immerse me in Your senses,
Come whisper through my soul,
Come catch me in the embrace
That I long for, always,
Where things unseen move quietly
And a touch that is felt in the core of my soul
Moves me beyond what I can speak
And loves me beyond what I can grasp,
Bound entirely to a Heart
Whose immense, intimate tenderness
Speaks of a strength in weakness,
Of a majesty in surrender,
Of a deep sweetness in pain and humiliation
That melts my heart and soul into the Wound
Of Your open Heart.


Grain of Sand


In the expanse of infinity,
We are at best a fleck so small as to be barely noticeable.
Put in human and historical context,
We are nothing, not worthy of a glance or mention.
Each of our lives, our stories, our dramas
Is but a grain of sand in a world, a universe, full of
Beaches and many grains of sand, alone crystals and gems,
But lost to mediocrity in the magnitude of Creation.

Yet in that depth of ambiguity,
In the overwhelming solitude of true humility,
In a universe beyond our ability to even comprehend,
There is One who picks us up, apart from the rest,
Who cradles out tiny hearts in His,
Piercing our hearts to the infinite depths of intimacy,
And makes us whole, precious in His sight.
He floods us with a love so tender, so powerful
That we cannot see past this love.

In our minds we reason it is not true,
Yet in our hearts we feel we are one on one,
Alone with Him in the universe,
In most precious unity, with our Beloved,
One completely and passionately dependent on another.
We are intimately and overwhelmingly bound to a Heart
Beyond our ability to imagine,
Yet within our ability to experience
To the depths of our being.

Thus is our God, who counts every hair on our head,
And knows our hearts so intimately,
Infinitely more precious to Him than we are to ourselves.

How can we return such a love to such an immense heart?
By giving ourselves as a gift of such deep passion
And such complete surrender
That He cannot feel that we believe
There is anyone else but Him to us,
Alone in His universe.
By loving as He loves with Him alone
In the depths of our hearts,
But also in intimate union with all He loves,
Loving Him in others to such a degree
That His Heart is stirred in each one we meet.

Lovingly feeding Him in the hungry,
Tenderly caring for Him in the sick,
Holding Him so sweetly to us in the abandoned,
The homeless, the rejected, the brokenhearted.
Let us pour the love we have found
Into all those vessels waiting to be filled.
For He has loved us first
With a love too precious for words,
Lifting us up from the ambiguity of the sands
That we may be loved, and love like Him,
Stirring a Heart so immense as to be unfathomable,
Yet as real and human and tender as our own.