Waiting for the Dawn

My Beloved came to me
As I gazed in wonder and pain
At His selfless Sacrifice.
Tenderness and agony
Together swirled in the chalice
Of His self-emptying Love.

I tasted both
As He held it to my lips,
And, inebriated by His Love,
I drank deeply
Then gave back what I could.

Being so small and weak
Yet strong in desire and love,
My heart was His.
He could ask of me anything
And delighted in my giving.

As days turned to months,
And months to years,
His chalice was lifted
Again and again to my lips.
The nectar of His Love so sweet
Yet the pain of His Wounds
Grew as deep as His Love was sweet.

When the dark night came
It took me by surprise.
Yet even in the darkness
There was a taste of sweetness
To the chalice of emptiness.
He had gone there before me
And waited for my love
To take me there.

Gethsemane loomed
And as the days turned to months
And months to years
The taste and fragrance
Of His sweetness and Love,
His perfect Sacrifice,
Remain a lantern in my night.

How can one endure the dark night
Without first knowing, first tasting,
The sweetness of the Dawn to come?
There is no darkness dark enough
To overcome the tender light
That draws from within,
Giving hope and assurance
That the Dawn will come
And the darkness will be gone forever
While the sweet nectar and light
Of self-giving Love remains.



Savior’s Feast

Break down the wall to your hearts, My people!
Peel away the tough skin of your hearts!
Open to Me the soft centers of your hearts
That wait for Me, that desire only Me.
For I know you hide your most tender hearts away
In fear.

But this is My food and My drink
And you are starving Me for your love.
I have made you to be My own,
To share the delights of My Love
That wishes to overcome you, consume you,
In the joy of hearts fully given, fully received.

Tender hearts fully open to My touch,
Sweetly pouring out to Me the nectar of their love,
This is My Feast which I so desire.
I have given all I am to you for food and drink,
My Body, My Blood, My Heart.
Drink Me in, feast upon My Love
Then open your hearts
That I may feast on your love,
Your tender, sweet, surrendered love.

My Heart is thirsting, starving for this.
I thirst!
Will you open your heart
And let me drink?

Easter Morning