Love Follows Upon Love

Softly, tenderly,
With silent passion,
Your Presence in my heart grows.
Your soft touch stirs and grows
Into a consuming Fire
As I welcome, as I surrender,
As I yield and fall into
The Furnace of Your Heart.

Your steady desire
For my thoughts, my time,
My love, my will,
Overwhelms me, moves me.
How can my trembling heart resist
The advance of Your Sacred Heart?
You have taken me willingly to You
As I surrender to Your Holy Desire.

The bindings of Your Heart
Wrap me in so pure a touch,
Substance of so holy a Love,
That I cannot move from this Heart.
My body grows weak
From the trembling in my soul,
Yet Your strong hands hold me,
Drawing me into You.

I thirst for your love,
You breathe into my soul.

Make me a chalice of Your Love,
A fountain of Your Living Waters
That You may drink from its depths
That You have carved,
The sweetness of my love for You.

I desire nothing more
Than to fill that place in Your Heart
That thirsts for our love
And for the gentle passion
Of a soul surrendered to You completely.

My longing for Your Love
And to love You as You desire
Meets Your thirst for my love
As You find pleasure
In overwhelming my heart
And drinking in the surrender of my soul.
Love follows upon Love
In a soft, moving union of hearts.



Envy of Angels

(A Communion Prayer Reflection)


In this time of waiting for Your return,
You have left us a Treasure so wondrous,
Even the envy of angels.
So close You wish to be to us
That You have left Yourself,
Fully present in the Holy Eucharist,
Body, Spirit, human, divine,
In all the richness of the gifts of Your Heart,
In all the love and protection of Your Sacrifice,
In all the comfort of Your physical Presence;
You have left with us not just in a form
To be honored on our altars, but in a form
To be taken into our very bodies and souls,
To make us tabernacles of the Most High.

How little do we deserve such a privilege,
Yet how like You to give it anyway;
A love not to be outdone
By anything man can imagine.
The Sacred Treasures of Your Heart
Come to us,
As You came fully to us
In the simple form
Of a human child,
Now come to us
In the simple form
Of bread and wine–
A form to be consumed,
To be made a part of us,
Body and soul.

Becoming tabernacles of Your Graces
And witnesses to Your Love,
May we carry Your Presence
Which we now hold intimately
Within our human hearts
To the world in need of Your Presence.


Where I Belong

My Savior,
My soul searches for You.
My heart longs for You.
I am in anguish,
Dying for Your Light.
The darkness overwhelms me
And I cry out:
Lord, open my eyes
To where You are
And where You are leading.

Gently, a soft candle is lit
And in its glow, Your face.
I am seated at Your feet
All along.
You take my hand
In the soft Light
And whisper to me
To listen in the quiet of my soul
Where You will whisper to me
Your Truth.

I am ready, Lord.
I hunger for Your Truth.
I thirst for Your Love.
I grow weary, so weary,
Of the darkness, the confusion
Of the world without You.

My soul desires Your grace
As one in chains desires freedom.
As one starving desires nourishment.
Without You I will die, in agony,
For You are all that my life is to me now.

Come lift me to Your immense Heart
For I am too small and weak
To reach without You.
Come find me where I have fallen,
Overcome in pain with the darkness
Of the world that surrounds me.

I do not comprehend the darkness
In the human heart, my Lord.
I do not comprehend their fear
Of Your Light and Your Love.
I do not belong here
Among the callous and fearful hearts.
Let me crawl into Your Love.
Let me curl up at Your feet.
Let me lean upon Your Heart for all I desire.

For Your Love is my blood,
Your Heart, my heart,
Your Truth, my flesh.
Without You,
The painful darkness would beg death
For relief of the anguish
Of being left alone, without Your Love,
Chained only to my self.

Lord Jesus, save me
As only You can.
My Beloved, love me
As only You can
And I will love You
With all that I am
If You will hold me and lift me
To Your most Sacred Heart
That I adore.
Jesus, hold me to Your Heart
Where I belong,
Completely absorbed
In Your Love.


The Gift

You who so masterfully
Holds the stars in Your hands,
Who created and sustains the universe;
You who holds the gift of Life
So tenderly in Your touch,
You control all things but one,
The love for You in our human hearts.

The precious gift of our will
To love You willingly or not,
You gave to us, that we may love You
As You desire to be loved,
Surrendering our hearts
That we alone direct,
Making them Yours, completely,
Our precious gift of the love You desire
To Your Precious Heart of Love.

You, whose Sacred Heart loves
More than we can comprehend
Or can fully experience in our hearts,
You so desire the return of this gift
You have given away
And long unceasingly for tender hearts
To be turned to Yours in precious Love.

Come, Beloved, and receive this, my gift:
My heart is Yours completely,
Longing to be forever in the Presence
Of Your tender, majestic, overwhelming Love.
I give You all I know to give, for always,
Never to be taken back, even for a moment.
Beloved Lord, come take my small heart to Yours
Where I belong and where You desire me.
Heart for heart, tenderly join me
In a complete surrender of Love,
Which is all I have to give.


For You Alone Are Holy

My Jesus, it is only You
Who brings Light to my darkness.
Here in the abyss of pain and sorrow,
It seems as though the darkness reigns
And as my soul adjusts
To a new level of darkness
Surrounding me,
As eyes in a darkened room,
It seems instead to get darker still.

Within I know, dear Lord,
That You have made me
As You desire.
I am but a lantern waiting
For Your Light.
All that is good in me is You,
For you touch and fill this lantern
Made empty for You
With Your holiness and peace,
With Your tender love
That is the substance
Of my God.

Empty, waiting to be filled,
I await Your Light,
Your tender touch of love.
All that is not You is darkness,
Cold, torturous darkness.
I feel the depth of my weakness.
It hollows out a deeper abyss in my soul
That awaits Your touch,
For without You I have no strength,
Without You all is void, dismal,
A longing to be filled,
A place of great emptiness
Devoid of tenderness and love,
For You have made it so.

It is You who makes me empty
And You who makes me full.
It is You who overflows in me
Or leaves me desperate
In this wilderness of life
For Your touch of love.
As one stranded in the desert
Without a source of water,
So I am without You,
At Your design.

My heart and soul cry out
For all that You are,
My Bread of Life,
My healing waters.
You who made the blind to see,
Who made the lame to walk,
Who raised the dead from the abyss,
Raise me from this abyss of darkness
And light the Fire of Your Love in me,
For You alone are holy.

I hunger for all that You are, my Lord,
In this wilderness.
I hunger for Your Love that fills me,
But also for Your Love that empties me,
Preparing me for Your coming.
I long for Your holy strength
That hung helpless and silent
On that Cross we made for You,
Exuding a love that is beyond words,
Overwhelming in its sweet tenderness,
And its selfless abandon,
But overwhelming in its call to love like You
In all the starkness and in all the mercilessness
Of this world without You.
To love still in the face of all pain,
Of all humiliation, of all abandonment,
Of all desperate longing to be loved,
To love still into the abyss
Of unreturned love,
This You call us to.
You light our lanterns
With this love that consumes
All darkness.

So tenderly You invade
My darkness and longing
With Your touch of Love
That gives me Life
In the abyss of darkness
Setting me apart from the darkness
Where I hold my tender vigil for You,
My Beloved.

Come, O Light of Holiness,
O tender Love most pure,
Yet starkly naked to our abuses.
Come, my Lord, and fill me with Your strength
That I may be Your lantern in the night,
Prepared for You who so loves the soul
Emptied for You.


An Empty Stall

Strained far past the point of emptiness,
Cold as a winter’s night,
My soul lies in darkness awaiting the Light.
Poignantly aware that without You
I am nothing,
My heart is numb from pain,
My body on fire,
My soul shivers in the darkness
Awaiting the dawn.

From its dark, empty stall,
My soul silently cries out for You.
My heart in its deadness
Gently opens its arms
Of humble, unmajestic love
Like a manger
Awaiting the Anointed One.
And in my emptiness and misery,
You come, O Christ, as a child,
A Precious Babe,
Helpless, pure, tender;
Surrendering to my heart of love,
You await my embrace,
To be held close to my heart.

The Flame of Your Precious Love
Lights my dark stall
And my stable becomes a castle
In Your Kingdom.
The trodden on straw of my life
Becomes a soft place to rest Your Head
In the manger of my heart.

Come, sweet Lord,
And find a soft place here
Where You will warm and return to life
This empty heart
That longs for You,
That desires only You.

The thundering Majesty
Of an omnipotent God
Speaks in the sweet, searching sounds
Of a precious Infant,
Seeking a Mother’s Heart;
One that surrounds Him in adoration,
Responding to His every call,
Comforting His every need,
Passionately answering
His longing Heart
With hers,
You are consoled,
O Meek and humble of Heart.
And as the purity of Your Sacred Heart
Enters ours,
We see the face of God
In the innocent desires of a child’s heart.


A Sacred Heart Advent

O Come, Emmanuel, God with us!
Send Your Sacred Heart of of Love!

You, O God, though infinitely majestic,
Are not a God of distances and detachment,
But a God of intimate and passionate
Communion with Your people.

Your love, O God,
Though beyond out comprehension,
Still pours unceasingly
From Your Throne to our hearts.
You, in Your Gentle Mercy,
Though we shunned Your Precious Love,
Still sent the dearest Gift You could give us,
Your only Son, the Unblemished Lamb,
Light from Your Light,
Heart from Your Heart.

You sent Him not to judge,
You sent Him not to punish,
But to take our place
And to die our death,
So that we might live.

You sent Him to love Your love to us,
You sent Him to love our love to You.

The Eternal Fountain,
The Sacred Heart of Hearts,
Poured out His love
More sweetly with each pain,
More gently with each scourge,
More mercifully with each insult,
Until that Sacred Heart,
Pouring out its Precious contents,
Breathing Words of Mercy,
Gave up the Spirit
Into Your Heart of Love.

God with us, You promised us.
But You have always been with us.
It is we who have always been
Without You.

O, Emmanuel, come!
And fill our hearts with Your love!
Inflame us with Your Passion!
While we await Your Eternal Banquet
In Communion
With Your Precious
Heart of Love.