For You Alone Are Holy

My Jesus, it is only You
Who brings Light to my darkness.
Here in the abyss of pain and sorrow,
It seems as though the darkness reigns
And as my soul adjusts
To a new level of darkness
Surrounding me,
As eyes in a darkened room,
It seems instead to get darker still.

Within I know, dear Lord,
That You have made me
As You desire.
I am but a lantern waiting
For Your Light.
All that is good in me is You,
For you touch and fill this lantern
Made empty for You
With Your holiness and peace,
With Your tender love
That is the substance
Of my God.

Empty, waiting to be filled,
I await Your Light,
Your tender touch of love.
All that is not You is darkness,
Cold, torturous darkness.
I feel the depth of my weakness.
It hollows out a deeper abyss in my soul
That awaits Your touch,
For without You I have no strength,
Without You all is void, dismal,
A longing to be filled,
A place of great emptiness
Devoid of tenderness and love,
For You have made it so.

It is You who makes me empty
And You who makes me full.
It is You who overflows in me
Or leaves me desperate
In this wilderness of life
For Your touch of love.
As one stranded in the desert
Without a source of water,
So I am without You,
At Your design.

My heart and soul cry out
For all that You are,
My Bread of Life,
My healing waters.
You who made the blind to see,
Who made the lame to walk,
Who raised the dead from the abyss,
Raise me from this abyss of darkness
And light the Fire of Your Love in me,
For You alone are holy.

I hunger for all that You are, my Lord,
In this wilderness.
I hunger for Your Love that fills me,
But also for Your Love that empties me,
Preparing me for Your coming.
I long for Your holy strength
That hung helpless and silent
On that Cross we made for You,
Exuding a love that is beyond words,
Overwhelming in its sweet tenderness,
And its selfless abandon,
But overwhelming in its call to love like You
In all the starkness and in all the mercilessness
Of this world without You.
To love still in the face of all pain,
Of all humiliation, of all abandonment,
Of all desperate longing to be loved,
To love still into the abyss
Of unreturned love,
This You call us to.
You light our lanterns
With this love that consumes
All darkness.

So tenderly You invade
My darkness and longing
With Your touch of Love
That gives me Life
In the abyss of darkness
Setting me apart from the darkness
Where I hold my tender vigil for You,
My Beloved.

Come, O Light of Holiness,
O tender Love most pure,
Yet starkly naked to our abuses.
Come, my Lord, and fill me with Your strength
That I may be Your lantern in the night,
Prepared for You who so loves the soul
Emptied for You.


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