Among Us

In the clear, deep colors of a sunset
Blended so perfectly no perceptible division lies
Between one pure color and the next;
So penetrating, as I gaze into its depths
An endless universe comes into focus
Ushered in by few evening stars;
I gaze into its depths contemplating its beauty
And see the eyes of my Beloved,
Behind which lies an endless universe.

In the sweet, tender touch of a new baby’s hand
I touch Your soft, sweet hand.
In this pure, soft face of most tender love
That gazes with helpless longing,
I gaze into Your loving face.

In the hills so green with soft new growth,
In the soft, tender mosses that so cling
To ground, tree, rock; so softly they cling
Yet so strong a union one cannot easily separate,
I gaze upon the soft strength of Your Heart,
So tender, so moving, so healing to touch,
Heart against Heart.

In the soft face of a lonely heart,
In the sadness and humility of neglect,
I gaze upon Your face, my Love.
In the painful, confused eyes of the sick,
In the betrayed and abandoned eyes of the tortured,
In the deep desiring eyes of the hungry,
I see into Your eyes, my Beloved.

I gaze upon You in the dying
That search my face for love, for hope,
For a meaning to their longing
And an end to their pain.
I see but Your face, my Love, in all,
In their beauty, their anguish and their longing.

In the wind that stirs my soul
And the gentle breeze that calms,
In the strength and softness of the ocean waves
That move with a depth immeasurable,
In the gentle sparrow’s humility
And the delicate scent of the rose,
All speak of You, my Love, all.

In the endless agonizing prayer
Of parents for their children;
In the broken hearted who hope still
With the pieces of their hearts;
In the deep link of families
Reaching through generations
Holding the Fabric of Life
Together in their grasp.
In all I see Your face, Your touch,
Your eyes that see all,
Your Heart that feels all.

No place do I not see You, save despair.
Nowhere do I not hear Your Voice
Speaking through form, through hearts,
Through hopes, through longings,
All echo of Your tender Heart,
All a whisper of the Spirit,
A breath of the Divine,
A Heartbeat of the Sacred
Speaking to me of the depth of Your Love
And the completeness of Your Presence
Among us.



Floodgate of Love

O Holy Communion of Life and Love,
My Precious Lord,
I see through Your eyes
That Upper Room
So warm, so full of Your Precious Love
And their hope in You.
Your Heart wells up with Love,
Your eyes with tears,
As You slowly gaze at them, so innocent…
How Your Heart desires to hold this moment.
How Your Heart desires to hold their faith
And touch their hearts with Your Love.
Your Heart tears as You tear the bread
Knowing all too soon they will betray You, deny You.
How You long for their innocent love,
Their trusting faith, to hold in Your Heart
Protecting it from the darkness to come!
As You hold the bread in Your Hands, hesitating,
Everything You are pours into this Bread.
As You break the Bread, Your Sacred Heart breaks also.
The Passion begins.

Sharing Your Broken Body with those You love
Your Sacred Heart burns, longing for this moment:
“I have longed with all My Heart to share this supper with you.”
You look deep into the chalice of red wine.
A tear drops and mingles with the wine of forgiveness,
A token of Your humanity and ours.
As You speak Your words of Love
The wine becomes Your Precious Blood.
As You gaze into the depths of the chalice
You see what is to come, drinking in with Your Spirit
Your Covenant of Love.
Passing the Chalice of Your Blood to Your people,
They drink of it, sealing their Covenant with You
In Your Eternal Love.

O Holy Communion of Love,
You stand before us like a floodgate,
Aching to pour forth Your contents,
You long for and wait for our glance of recognition!
A faithful, loving glance and Your Host Body
Crumbles as the floodgate opens
And we are flooded with Your Graces and Love
And made new.

O Sacred Floodgate of Love
Break through our hearts and flood our souls!


A Face of Love

The dusty path stretches out before You
Filled with jeering, angry crowds.
Your knees give way under the weight of Your Cross.
That precious face, still so soft with love,
Hits the hard stones of the walkway.

There, face down in the street,
You feel the full weight of Your humanity.
You whisper Your Father’s Name
As this earth You created holds You to it
In its magnetic, uncompromising grasp.
Closing Your eyes, You think of Home with Your Father.
The crowd’s roar turns to angelic songs of praise
As Your head spins from Your ordeal.

Just a little further, Your tearful Father beckons.
It is almost finished.
Prodded, kicked, spit at, tossed around,
Once again You lift up from this earth;
You offer Yourself again to His Plan of Love.

You look at the unforgiving crowd
Searching for eyes of love and compassion,
Wanting comfort that this is not all in vain,
That there will be someone who will be saved
By Your Sacrifice of Love.
Each face is memorized in Your Heart
And is like another scourging upon Your Sacred Heart.

There, in the crowd, You see one!
Eyes full of tears, reaching out to You!
“Jesus!” the panicked voice cries.
“Jesus!” again in desperation and desire.
Your eyes meet in tearful, loving union.
The Flames of Your Heart leap,
Your graces pour out like a river.
The face of love is pushed away and lost in the crowd,
But the memory remains in Your Heart
Inspiring the strength to draw the Cross to You once again,
To lift it to Your bruised and torn shoulder
And walk that dusty path again.

O Sacred Heart of Love and Longing,
Draw me to You, keep me in Your Heart.
Help me to be for You that face of love
That Your thoughts of me
Will be like a caress, not a scourging;
That Your Sacrifice will save.

O Tears of the Father,
O Sacrifice of the Son,
Bring Your Spirit of Love!


Drawn To Your Cross

As I approach You,
Slowly bringing myself
Into Your Presence,
I see You trembling,
Shaking with pain.
You gasp for breath,
Your brow dripping with Blood,
Your Body a mass of
Bruises and torn flesh.

I want to meet Your eyes
But I am afraid.
Your Sacred Heart bursting with love
Slowly loses its beat
And soon will be still.

Your eyes rise to meet mine
As You are gasping Your last breaths.
How can I look away?
There, as You struggle with Your
Last moments of life,
I meet Your eyes.
Your trembling becomes mine
As I gaze into Your eyes of Eternal Love.
Melting within, I tremble, I fall,
Robbed of strength to resist.

In Your eyes, a landscape of love
Spreads before me leading to
Your Sacred Heart,
The Eternal City,
Full of Light with no shadows,
Flowing with sweetness like honey.
For a moment I forget
The pain and trembling and gasping,
Lost in Your Love and Sweetness.

Then Your eyelids flutter closed.
“No!” I scream. “Not this! Not now! Please!”
Your Sacred Head drops to Your shoulder.
I reach out to You
As Life drains from Your Body.
It slumps, tearing Your numb flesh.
My heart bursts at this sight!
“Please let me love You back to life!” I cry.

Darkness gathers, the earth shakes.
Disoriented, I stumble at Your feet.
I reach out to touch Your lifeless Body.
Your Blood on my hands,
I bury myself in You.
Forgive me, Lord, my soul cries out!

Remembering Your promises,
My heart grows still.

Forgive me, Lord, I breathe.
Strengthen me, Lord, I sigh.
Cleanse me, Lord, I weep.

Let me love You, Lord,
Until Your pain is gone.

And then raise me with You
On the Last Day.


Prayer at Journey’s End

There was a time
When I would have wanted to know
All the Secrets of Your Mind,
All the intricacies of Your Thoughts.
But now what I desire is to be held
Deep within Your Sacred Heart.

There was a time
I sought to find Your Truth.
I sought to taste Your Wisdom.
I sought to see Your Face.
But now what I desire
Is to touch Your Pure Heart.

You, Heart of my Lord, are all that I desire.
Your Love is all the Wisdom that I can know.
Your Love is all the Peace that I can feel.
Your Love brings all the Joy my soul desires.

You, O Sacred Heart, are every Treasure’s Source.
Your touch is ever healing to my soul.
Your pain is ever grieving to my heart.
Your desire is ever calling me to You.

“Come deeper,” You call.
“Come deeper in Me.
Release your hold
On everything else.
Sink into the depths
Of My Eternal Heart,
To where you find all you desire,
All wisdom, all Truth, all Peace
Wrapped in My Eternal Love.
Come deeper,” You call.
“Come deeper as you bring
All that I desire
Wrapped in the tender embrace
Of My trusting child.”