The Night Walk Revisited

This prayer poem has been posted before but it is part of my Lenten series and it is one of my favorites that I return to again and again, so I thought I would post it again. This is part of a 6 week series for the Lenten season moving from the desert through Holy Week, which I will be posting.  MC

The Night Walk

Lost on Your path,
My compass searches for Your Heart.
Led into the wilderness by Your Spirit,
Into uncharted regions of the soul,
I stumble, I fall in the night.
I grope in the darkness for You,
Trusting You are still there.
As I try to brush off the dust
From my recent falls,
I sense Your gaze upon my soul.
Your hands gently wipe the tears
And dirt from my eyes and
Softly taking my bruised hands in Yours,
You tug at me to try again.

Bewildered by the difficulty of the path,
I watch for the break of dawn
So that I may see the way.
But Your hand in mine
Tells me of the Night Walk,
The trusting soul,
That closing eyes to darkness,
Walks only in Your Light;
Then holding on to Your hand,
Enters softly into the
Secret Regions of Your Heart.

Your hand lifts me again.
Closing my eyes,
I hope for a glimpse
Of the Secret Path
Leading to the Eternal City
Of Your Sacred Heart.



The Only Thing I Know

My fortresses fall, my mountains crumble,
Stars and earth move around me.
Nothing is untouched, nothing is real,
Save a growing core,
Immovable, solid yet soft, unchanging.

This only grows stronger and clearer,
As everything else falls around me.
There is only one thing I know.
There is only one thing that is real.

You, O Sacred Heart of my God,
Are at the core of who I am.
You, O Sacred Heart of Love,
Are the only thing unchanging in me.
My love for You, O Sacred Heart,
Is all I know of myself that I am sure of.
My love for You is all I am
And all I want to be.

Like the Nugget left after the furnace
Turns ore to gold, are You, my Lord.
Like the Rock left after the tide
Washes away the sand, are You, my Lord.
Like the Light of a burning flame
Holding off the darkness, are You, my Lord.

You have not moved in Your love for me.
You have held me still, unchanging in my love for You,
Though in everything else I crumble.
Your Heart of Love, like the cement of my life,
Holds me together with the only thing I know.


The Pebbles

O Lord, You are my rock and my salvation.

You, O Mountain of Strength,
Rock of immovable Truth,
You remain, still, despite our questions, doubts.
We praise You in the mightiness of Your Mountain
But stumble on the pebbles at Your Feet.

In You, Lord, I find my soul’s greatest rest,
The Waters of Life,
The Fire of Love,
Ever-burning, ever healing.
But when You speak, sometimes, I cringe.
I wonder if I hear correctly.
I wonder if I understand.
I wonder if I can do what You ask.

In my heart I know
You would not ask of me
The impossible.
But in my humanness,
I stumble on the pebbles,
Standing and falling,
Standing and falling.
Unable to die in Your Arms.
I want to climb Your Sacred Mountain
But I keep falling on the pebbles.

Do You tire at my feeble attempts?
I thirst.
Does my weakness leave You abandoned?
My God, why have You forsaken me?
Or do You, in Your All-knowingness,
Watch and wait as I discover, once again,
My utter dependence on You, my God.
Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.
Your Heart opens to my weakness,
Inviting me back in where I belong.
I am nothing outside of You.
I want nothing outside of You.
Your Cross is hard, my Lord, but Sweet.
Take me to the Heart of Your Mountain, my Jesus!
And rescue me from the pebbles!
The pebbles are too heavy for me to move alone!



Dust, ash,
So easily stirred by the least movement,
Scatter, swirl,
Then come to rest again.
Such little flecks of a big universe,
Discarded, unappreciated,
So like weeds, often us.

It is You, my Lord,
Who takes our dust,
So plain, so humble,
And forms us in Your image.
It is only You, O Lord,
Who takes our ash
After we have burnt ourselves out,
And forms us into Your image again.

You, whose thoughts, whose Heart
Can birth a universe,
You take our clay
And make us Your own.
You, whose most Sacred Heart,
Whose most pure Spirit,
Stirs to Life our souls,
Stir our hearts in Your Heart,
Our souls in You,
And bring us home to You.

As dust returns to the earth
After a disturbance,
Open Your Heart
For our return.
Take us, O Lord, O Master of Love,
And let us cling to You again,
Your dust, yet Your jewel in Your eyes.

You, who counts each fleck,
Each grain of sand,
Each hair on our heads,
Count our hearts, touch our souls,
Bring them into Your Heart
And like the ore of the earth,
Make them Your gold.

Though I am simple, though common, though dust,
You, my Lord, with Your Presence and Your Love,
Transform me, draw me to You
And in Your most Sacred Heart,
You make me feel precious to You.

Not with carbon, but Love
You formed Your universe;
Carbon is but the ash
Of Your Furnace of Love.
Touch my ash with Your Fire, O Lord,
And bring me to Life, once again, in You.
Take me to You and quench my thirst for Your Love.
Take my ash in Your hands
And breathe in me
Life in You.


The Dust of the Journey

Down in the dirt again,
Breathing the dust of the journey,
And that of my mortality.
How easy it is to fall;
How familiar the view
From the ground.
Lying in the dust,
The world spinning out of control.
I wonder if I will ever
Outgrow this place
Where I gaze into the face
Of the dust from which I came.

My heart wants to soar with You
Like on eagle’s wings,
But my wings break so easily
And I am down in the dust again.

Does Your Heart of Compassion
Pour out at my failures?
You who have the vision of eagles
And can see my smallness
From such heights,
Will You rescue me?
Will You carry me
On Your wings?

I long to be all You desire,
But only You know the Way.
And it seems only splinted to Your Cross
Am I raised from the ground
And stand in You.

I trust that Your hand
Will gently find my hand and heart.
Meet me where I am, O Lord,
And lift me by Your love
To where You are;
Where Your Sacred Heart of agony
Weeps with me,
And Your Sacred Heart of love
Loves for me.

I search in the desert dust
For the pure fountain of Your loving Heart
To spring forth,
Washing away the dust of the journey.
Touch the deep thirst of my soul
That can only be filled in You, O Lord.
Come breathe into this dust new life.
Stir my soul to grasp onto You,
Trusting in Your every move.

If I trust in Your mercy,
Will You lift me on eagle’s wings
Out of the dust of my soul?
Will You teach me to love like You
Those who stand and walk,
But especially those
Who are face down
In the dust?


Desert of My Soul


In the desert of the spirit
I come to the mirage of Your Grace
Again and again,
Ready to dip my dry, parched, hurting soul
In the waters of Redemption.
Yet no relief for my thirst do I find
Though I search through the stones,
Though I watch and pray,
Aching for Your Grace.
You at once elude me,
Yet still I feel Your Presence
Beyond the numbness and pain.

Wait and pray.
The sweat turns to blood.
The heart feels uprooted,
An emptiness in its place.
If I wait with You in the garden,
If I call out to you from that Cross,
If I bury my heart in Yours
With Your wounds and Your thorns,
Will You wash me in the pools of Your Grace
And bring me back to Life?
Will You hold this heart that longs for You
Close once again
Turning this desert into Your Paradise?
Will You trust me to love You as You desire
With all that You have given me?
I will search from mirage to mirage
Until I find the oasis of Your Love
And the spring of Your Heart,
Knowing You are there still
Somewhere in the desert of my soul.


Sanctifying Love

Caught in the Silence
Of a universe beyond comprehension
Of a human mind,
My heart moves to the immensity
And the majesty
Of my God.

Suspended in the expanse of Your Divinity,
My heart stretches to meet
The borders of Your Heart.
Allow me to touch all
Of Your Divine Heart, my Beloved!

Majestic and incomprehensible,
Yet infinitely intimate,
Touching all the expanse
Of my inner soul,
You, O Lord, move my heart
So deeply it cries out,
Embracing the Source.
Yet the Source has already
Embraced my heart within.

Awareness of this inner embrace
Ripples through my heart and soul.
My heart leaps to union
As the Spirit cascades in love and joy,
Touching every part of me.

Lord, Your Heart overwhelms me.
Spirit most holy, Your joy inebriates me.
Hearts bound together,
Consumed in union beyond words,
You touch my heart with Your holiness.

Your Sacred Love soaks into my soul
Moving on the pathway
Of our embrace of surrendering Love.
My heart yields to You,
Sanctifying Love,
Emptying willingly and with joy
To but hold Your sanctifying grace
Deep within my soul.

Embrace of Love,
Grow in me Your Holiness,
Your gift most pure
To a heart so eager
To hold all You are
So cherishing
Your sanctifying embrace.

Your hand so grips my heart
In its Love.
Let it always be so,
My Beloved Lord.