Desert of My Soul


In the desert of the spirit
I come to the mirage of Your Grace
Again and again,
Ready to dip my dry, parched, hurting soul
In the waters of Redemption.
Yet no relief for my thirst do I find
Though I search through the stones,
Though I watch and pray,
Aching for Your Grace.
You at once elude me,
Yet still I feel Your Presence
Beyond the numbness and pain.

Wait and pray.
The sweat turns to blood.
The heart feels uprooted,
An emptiness in its place.
If I wait with You in the garden,
If I call out to you from that Cross,
If I bury my heart in Yours
With Your wounds and Your thorns,
Will You wash me in the pools of Your Grace
And bring me back to Life?
Will You hold this heart that longs for You
Close once again
Turning this desert into Your Paradise?
Will You trust me to love You as You desire
With all that You have given me?
I will search from mirage to mirage
Until I find the oasis of Your Love
And the spring of Your Heart,
Knowing You are there still
Somewhere in the desert of my soul.



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