The Sparrow

Pecking among the bits of trash
Searching for little treasures
Is a small, humble sparrow.
Though challenged to find
A patch of grass or a tree
Among the asphalt and bricks,
This sparrow seems not to mind.
Content, trusting, cheerful,
Focused on simple things,
Delighting in simple joys.

Sparrow, do you dream of the wilderness?
Do you long for another place, another time?
Do you desire more than your meager fare?

God’s eye is on the sparrow.
Content are you in His loving care.
Trusting in the little things,
The big things are yours.

Fed by joy, warmed by love,
The sparrow knows the Father’s House.
Gracious in His gifts,
The Father knows what is needed
Before it is asked.
His Heart’s treasures belong
To the pure of heart.

The path to His Heart is found
Amidst the cast offs,
The refuse,
All that is thrown away
Or cast aside.
In the midst of the hard cement
And the cast offs,
The sparrow finds His treasures
And warms his life
In the rays of the Father’s Love.



Loved Beyond The World

Face of my Savior,
Tears streaming down Your Holy Face,
You gaze longingly into mine from where
The gentle Body of my Savior,
That only knew to love,
Has been nailed down,
Stretched into a frozen form
Of excruciating pain.

You penetrate my heart and soul
With eyes that speak
Of betrayal, of abandonment,
Of beatings and scourgings,
Of Crown of Thorns that digs deeply
Into so Sacred a Head;
Of holy ones turning away,
Hating so deeply to wish death
On such a pure soul,
The very One
Whom they should adore.

In Your eyes I see
The dark dungeon of humiliation
Where countless acts of degradation
Were performed against such purity,
Torturing the most divine of humans,
The most human of the Divine.

I see the bruises and tears on Your Body.
I see You stripped and shamed
To the core of the human soul.
Yet in Your Face I see only tender Love,
A precious Love so soft, so sweet, so complete
Even the nightmare of human abuses
Leaves only tears of Love
In so precious a Face,
Streaming from eyes
That penetrate into my depths,
Stirring my heart and soul.

Completely into our hands
You chose to deliver Yourself,
Knowing full well
Our repertoire of abuses
And our history of shame.
Abuses in Heart, Mind and Body,
Willingly surrendered,
Nailed down,
As if nails could hold You;
Your most Sacred Heart
Pours forth such a precious Love,
So gently,
So softly,
So longingly,
So surrendered,
So unaffected
By all manner of abuses.

Your Heart tenderly remains,
After millennia of abuses,
Still soft, still tender,
Still seeking the love
It has longed for
From the Cross and beyond.
Your most Sacred of Hearts
Desires a love so tender, so surrounded,
So willing to suffer for Your Love,
That You cannot resist,
You cannot refuse this heart anything;
A love to surrender to completely,
Surrounded with such tenderness
That You finally rest,
Loved beyond our ability to express,
Tenderly embraced,
Away from the abuses of the world,
The world You created to Love.

Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Make Me Your Furnace

Heart of Love,
Cast out fear and doubt,
Pour in love and joy in sacrifice.
Take every atom of my body,
Every part of my soul
And make it Yours.
Fill me so completely
That You spill out
Into Your people through me.

Oh Fire of Love, burn in my heart
Casting Your Love out and
Catching hold in the hearts of others.
Let me burn with Your Love,
Kindled by sacrifice and
Kept aflame by Your Word and Your Life,
Your Body and Your Blood.

Help me to carry my crosses
Diligently yet peacefully.
Let me find joy in sharing Your Cross.
Let my love for You bathe Your Wounds
And numb Your Sacred Heart
From the pain of indifference.
Take away anything lukewarm
And replace it with Your Fire.

May my tears of repentance
Lift the weight of our sins
That tears at Your hands and feet on Your Cross.
May the breath of my prayers soothe,
May the drops of my love
Quench Your thirst
As You have mine
And may my heart mingle with Yours
In joy and sorrow
And in love eternal.


The Storms

There I was on that boat with Your apostles,
As the storms rocked the boat and
Tossing waves threatened to capsize it.
As the storms increased in intensity,
So did their emotions.
Fear and confusion reigned.
But there You lay, sleeping, or so it seemed,
So oblivious to the storm,
So calm, so in control.

As the apostles panicked, I looked to You.
You calmly and lovingly beckoned to me.
Like a child, I came, trusting,
And knelt at Your feet.
I sat there for a long time
Resting my head on Your knee,
As the storms continued to rage.
I closed my eyes and sank into Your peace.
The storms would go on
Washing over and around us in their fury
But I was safe and calm
In the pocket of Your Love.


Beyond Words

Your Words move me.
They stir my deepest soul.
My heart inflames with a Love
Beyond any I have known.

The crowd erupts with discussion,
Debating Your Wisdom;
Your closet friends strive to find
The meaning of Your Words
In each other’s thoughts.

Silently You sit, listening.
As the noisy crowd moves around me,
I remain, so moved by all that You are
I cannot speak,
But gaze upon Your Holy Face.
Your gaze moves upon me
And I am captured in eyes
That speak of a universe of Love.
Your flame falls upon me,
Igniting a firestorm in my heart,
Drawing me closer to You.

You offer Your hand,
Beckoning me closer
With Your kind eyes that speak
Of Your longing Heart.
Silently I come to You,
Kneeling at Your feet.
Your strong hand gently takes mine
And I am lost in Your Love,
Amid the noise and confusion,
Amid the brilliant debates
And deepest of human thoughts.

Silently I remain,
Holding my Master’s hand
As Your Words and Your Love
Move my soul,
Stirring all I am
Into wordless adoration.

I remain steeped in a Love beyond
The comprehension of human minds.
I gently kiss the hand that holds me,
Then look to find Your smile
And Your gentle eyes of Love
Filling with tender tears.