Imagine a Heart that is so close to you that every cell in yours feels as if it is touching this Heart, being bathed in its Light and Love.

Imagine that this Heart is alive, beating, loving, and that every beat you feel completely, as if it were your own, moving in you.

Imagine that there is nothing more tender than this Heart, that every movement, every touch is of complete, pure Love, completely overwhelming tender Love and compassion, and the sweetest joy beyond explanation.

Imagine that this Heart desires your love, your tenderness, your touch.

Imagine that this Heart longs to be cradled in your love, to be held close, to be cherished above all else.

Imagine that above all else you desire to hold this Heart close, to surrender all you are, to the very core of your being; to this Heart, this Love, this touch of the Divine.

Imagine that this is what this most Sacred Heart desires as well, deeply, completely, and that you touch deeply to the deepest core of your being; everything you are centers in this most Sacred Heart, and you are one, in Love more precious than life.

Imagine that He breathes into your soul to hold Him this close forever.

Imagine that you have just breathed into His Heart that you desire to hold Him this close forever, to never be separated for a moment.

Imagine the mutual longing and desire for love fulfilled, in deepest, surrendering union of Love.

Imagine the Love of our God for the smallest human heart.



Meadows of My Soul

Dear Sweet Jesus,
Your hand in mine
You guide me to the meadows of my soul.
Your Spirit refreshes me,
The strength of Your hand calms me,
The Love of Your Heart surrounds me,
My steps lighter for You hold me up,
Secure in Your Precious Love.

My mind searches for Your Will
Yet my heart bathes in the beauty,
In the tenderness of Your Will.
Though the path can be hard and hurt,
The wounds draw forth
Your Precious, redeeming Blood
The sweetness of which
Stirs the heart and soul
To love and to trust in You alone.

You, my Lord, Companion of my soul,
Draw me through Your Sacred Heart
To the wonders of Your Mysteries.
Treading softly, I gaze upon
The Face of Your Love.
It is a Love that is majestic beyond words
Yet as human as a suffering face.

Your strength sustains me, Precious Lord.
The drops of Your Precious Blood in my life
Sting and burn
Yet soothe with the sweetness of You.
My body touched by Your Crucifixion
Knows that every pain is a deeper experience
Of Your Resurrecting Power.
Your hand in mine leads me
Through the desert path
Turning the jagged rocks into green meadows,
Turning dry sand into Living Waters,
Refreshing and cleansing to my soul,
Forming my heart
To love You more deeply,
To trust You more completely,
Sweet Shepherd of my soul.


The Tabernacle Cell

I enter silently
Your Royal Throne Room to find
A cell of solitary confinement.
There, where You should be holding court
Surrounded by those to whom
You have given so much,
I find instead my King
Locked in a lonely cell,
Alone in silence, for so long.

As I bow before You, my King,
You call me from Your cell.
You come to meet my embrace
And your head falls to my shoulder
Where You weep.
For so long I console You,
My weeping Lord.

As Your sobs turn to sighs,
Your Precious Sacred Head
I hold in my hands.
I lay it gently in my lap
To comfort, to console,
To rest in my love.
As my love washes over You,
Your eyes close and I pray
You are forgetting being forgotten,
If only for a time.

As I pray for Your consolation,
Precious Drops of Blood
Form on Your brow,
Circling Your Head,
And slowly drop to my hands.
Catching these Drops of Salvation,
I am overcome with Your grief,
O Sacred Heart of the King of Love,
Who died to set us free
From the justice of our sins,
In Your Mercy.

You, O Precious Lord,
With Your Head in my lap,
Weep for our hearts,
Weep from Your lonely vigil
Waiting for our hearts
To turn to You.

You who have given all,
O Sacred Heart,
Heave a sigh for each of us,
Awaiting the touch of our hearts
In Your tabernacle cell.
I kiss Your Precious Head
And weep with You, my Lord.
Holding Your Heart in mine,
I carry You off in my heart,


Putty In Your Hands

The path becomes vague.
Mirages turn to sand.
Sand springs forth with Life.
I weary of confusion.
I long for the purity of Your Sacred Heart.
For You, O Lord, are meek and humble of Heart.
All You ask is all You give:
Love so simple it gives all, always.

I try to find my way
Through the maze of this exile,
But I am hopelessly lost without You.
My desires are simple:
To be all You desire.
I cry out from this valley of death.
Take all I am, my Lord,
And make me all You desire!

Putty in Your hands, my longing.
Form me, shape me,
Use me as You desire,
But let the putty feel the hand
And know You are there
In the midst of this wilderness
Shaping and moving my heart to Yours.

Surrounded by Your loving hands,
I release all to You
And soften to the form of Your hands.
You move me where You will,
Delighting in my surrendering
As I delight in the hands of the Master.
Desert or paradise are the same
If I am in Your loving hands.


Heart’s Anchor

Holy, holy, holy Lord,
My heart chants
As I fall in adoration
Before Your splendor.
You, O Creator God,
You, O Sustainer Lord,
You, O Beloved of my heart,
Redeemer of my soul.

My heart trembles with the contrast
As I see my Beloved so tortured,
So wounded, so humiliated still.
Centuries, millennia later,
You still hang before us
Giving all before our arrogant eyes,
Suffering still before our apathetic hearts.

Yet within this tortured Body
Is the Majesty of the universe.
Behind those tearing eyes
Lies eternal Love.
Seeping from that battered Heart
Is the Blood of Life,
The water of forgiveness.

Adored, rejected,
Almighty, nailed down, stripped,
All Perfect Love, hated, spit upon,
Mind of the Cosmos, crowned in humiliation.

How can this be?
My heart at once overwhelmed
With Your majesty and grace,
Yet crushed by Your tortured humanity.
You, O Holy One, so pure,
You move my heart to love.
You, most tender of loves,
I crumble under Your gentle gaze.

Your Way of contrasts moves my soul
As my heart of joy and pain,
Of awe and heartbreak
Move me past a place
Where anything fits,
Where sense is found.
You, O Lord of my life,
Are beyond my mind’s reason
And beyond my heart’s senses
In a place where first is last
And last is first,
Where love is for those who hate
And mercy for those unjust.

You, Beloved, move my heart to tears
While moving my pain to joy.
Crushed is my heart,
Yet leaping up to You!
How do I find an anchor
In such confusion?
I anchor myself to Your Heart,
Most Sacred and most pure,
Who always stays the same.