Your Manger

Holy of Holies,
I lay my life before You.
All my weaknesses I give You,
Who alone can make me strong.
All my failures I lay before You,
Who alone can forgive
And make me new.

Heart that flames my heart,
You search me for all my weaknesses
Offered to You,
The pieces of my brokenness
Given up to You,
The longings for Your Love
And desire to be Yours alone,
And gather them to You like bits of straw.

Gathering them in Your gentle hands
You cover them with Your love and mercy
Creating a place of soft repose,
And I, like Your humble manger,
Am graced by Your Presence,
So Holy, so Majestic, so Perfect,
In such a human Heart.
Your Presence changes my heart, Your Manger,
From a common human heart
Into a tabernacle of Your Glory;
For into my unlikely humble heart
Comes to rest Your Majestic Grace.



The Perfect Match

Wound follows wound,
Joy meets joy,
Love matches love.
Our hearts that wound and heal
Are matched by the Divine Heart
That feels every pain,
Shares every joy,
Has always been there with us.
Our hearts, a mass of tears and scars,
Yet flowing with love and compassion,
Create a unique landscape,
A code-like pattern
That can only be matched
By the One who has been there with us,
The One who has the key,
The perfect match.

Our hearts unveiled, exposed,
Find their match
In the One, exposed,
Most Sacred Heart.
They fall into place,
The perfect match,
The key fits,
The door opens,
The winds of Love
Move through this union.
Nothing but love matching love
As the inner secrets flow
From this Heart of Love.
Silently whispered,
Deeply felt,
The dialog of hearts
Sings a psalm of love,
Uniquely felt,
Uniquely responded to,
The perfect match.