Alone In Our Midst

I felt You walking
Through my town today.
So softly, gently You moved,
Looking for hearts to love You.
Many were there, in Your churches,
Worshipping You, it seemed,
But seemed to not see You
Or feel You deeply.
Doing the right thing, they thought,
By just being there;
Minds wandered
And soon were somewhere else.
How sad You seemed,
With Your people, in Your House,
Yet still alone.

I felt You walking
Through my town today.
Many were walking, playing,
Enjoying the beautiful day.
Yet You, O Lord of the Day,
Were walking alone, unseen, unfelt.
How sad You seemed,
With Your people,
In the beauty of Your Creation,
Yet still alone.

I felt You walking
Through my busy day today.
I yearned to be with You,
To be one with You,
Quietly listening,
Quietly loving.
I yearned for the noise
And busyness to be over,
To just be with You, lost in Your Love.
But as I looked upon
The beehive-like crowd,

I felt You standing
There in their midst
Quietly gazing upon me.
Silence descended amid chaos
And it was You and I,
Alone in the noise,
Motionless in the bustle,
Gazing upon one another
With yearning hearts,
Reaching for a deeper union
In the midst of it all.


Love Invades

My heart cannot survive
The rain of Your Heart upon me.
Dissolving into Your Love,
Melting into Your embrace,
Nothing remains but You,
And I, lost in Your Love,
Revel in my nothingness in You.

For You, O Majestic One, own my soul.
And You, O Mighty One, gather my thoughts.
And You, O Passionate One, inflame my heart
And keep it on the hearth
Of Your passionate, most Sacred Heart.
You take control of everything I am
And place the Fountain of Your Heart
In the center of this garden,
My heart made for You.

I come to the Fountain
Where You wash away my failures,
Asking only for my love.
Deeply, Love invades the inner regions
Of my heart and soul,
Casting even my human heart
Into the cauldron of Your Love.
I am Yours, my Love,
Deeper than I even knew I was.
Your Life invades and I,
Surrendered to You,
A willing captive,
Rejoice in Your deeper conquests
And tighter bonds
Of my heart to Yours.

Nothing can stop You now
As You make my heart Yours.
Your embrace ever deeper,
The sweetness of Your Love
Like a delicate sting of prey,
Leaves me completely powerless to resist,
Overcome by the tenderness
Of Your Precious Heart of Love.