You Alone

You are here, within me,
Burning Your path to my heart.
Every dark corner now Light.
Every empty place now filled.
You fill my hunger and thirst for You,
For Your holiness, Your Love,
For all that You are,
The hard parts and
The tender, sweet parts.
All that is You is Holy
And is all I desire.

Your path to my heart,
So often blazed by trials and struggles,
Offers no resistance,
Yielding easily and tenderly
To Your Holy Presence.
Every part of me rushes to welcome You,
Your gift of Your Divine touch in me
But Your human touch as well.

My heart embraces Yours
In deep joy and tenderness,
Holding You close to my heart
For as long as I may.
The core of my heart and
The center of my soul
Receives its Master with joy,
Receives its Beloved with sweet,
Tender, inebriating love.

How I wish to remain
Lost in this precious Union,
As all I am moves to You,
Locked in to Your gaze,
Desiring nothing else.

Will Your Sweet Fire rage
In my heart today
Warming all I do
With the grace of Your Love?
Will Your sweet nectar flow
Through all I touch,
And through all I love,
Will Your Heart be known?

Trembling with Your Love,
Inebriated with Your Passion,
You are all to me, all.
As You send me into the world
Still holding You so close,
You must wash my day with Your Love,
Flooding my life with Your Passion.
For I will not let go of You now
For even a moment, my Love.
I must have You, Beloved,
For You alone are Life.



Rest, My Love

Heart most Sacred,
As I dissolve in the gift of Your Love,
My heart and soul rise, suspended in Your grace,
To meet You, most Sacred Heart of my Beloved Jesus.

My soul, my Lord, left with no resistance anywhere,
Abandons all to Your passionate Heart
And lifts all to You.

Use me, O Lord, for Your Holy Desire.
Create in me all that would satisfy Your thirst,
That would meet the union You hunger for.
Draw from this heart and soul
The response You crave.

You draw upon every part of me,
O Savior of my soul,
Drawing all in a singular motion
To Your Sacred Heart.
I move all to You completely.
Like a sacred dance,
You move, I follow.

Exuding from this precious union,
A sweetest nectar of love
Pools in this blending of hearts,
And in this sacred pool is dissolves
The thorns of Your humiliation
That surrounded Your Heart,
Dissolved away in a love that adores You,
That worships You beyond ability to speak
Or even comprehend.
No longer thorns that pierce,
But love that washes away memory
Of abandonment and humiliation,
Overcome in the love You desire.

My Beloved, freed of binding thorns,
You abandon Your Wounded Heart
Into the reservoir of Love
Collected from Your Love and graces in my soul,
Sweetened with the tears of love and sacrifice
Offered to Your Wounded Heart.
You immerse Your Wounds
Into the bath of our united love.
Tears and wounds are knit together in our hearts.
And Your Heart, once wounded,
Receiving what It desires,
Seems, if possible, overcome in love,
Healed and comforted,
Immersed in what You long for.

You rest, my Beloved, as I,
Held in the embrace
Of Love fully longed for
And fully received.
Rest, my Love, in the heart
That longs always for Yours
And longs to fill Your hunger
And wash away Your memory
Of all pain and all rejection,
Lost in all love.


As A Newborn

You come so softly, my Lord,
Taking my soul in Your hands.
As You breathe Your will upon me,
I become as a newborn in Your hands.
Strength not my own,
I am only able to form myself to You.
You move me as You wish
And I can do nothing without You.
I trust in Your every touch
Knowing I have no control over anything.
But abandoned to Your love,
I am Yours to move as You will.

Like a newborn,
You place me near Your Heart
And as I helplessly yet eagerly
Form myself to You,
I rest in the comfort of Your love,
Yet knowing this love that comforts me
Will ask of me everything.
As I abandon myself to you,
I beg for the grace
To never wish to take it back,
But to remain as helpless as a newborn
In the hands of my Beloved.