How Do We Meet Our God?

How do we meet our God?
He Who pours out His Heart,
His very being, complete and unreserved?
That complete self-gift of our Creator,
Witnessed by the pouring out on the Cross
Of His only Begotten Son
Whose Heart was laid bare,
Whose torture was unbearable,
Yet with Love He offered us all.

How do we meet out God
As His Love and Joy comes to meet us?
How can we hold back
That which He offers us?
Our hearts must rush to meet Him
Pouring out all, giving all, with joy,
Yet willing to sacrifice in union with His,
All given for all.

Lord, my God,
The Fire of Your Love
Stirs my soul
Drawing from the dark night
That which lay sleeping
Until its Beloved drew near.
Ignite Your Fire in this kindling,
The broken pieces of my life,
The peat of years of suffering, of longing,
Ignite it all as an offering,
A holocaust of love and joy,
Its incense rising to meet You.



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