Close To My Heart

Stones shift and fall,
Soon all of me is on the ground again.
Painfully humbling is this ground
And as I search for meaning from the dust
I feel Your hand slip into mine.
Your hand is so strong and steady
While mine is so weak and shaking.
Where am I, my Lord? I ask.

You are here with Me, You whisper.

But I am so vulnerable,
So exposed, so confused,
So in need of all You are.

I know, You console,
And I am here.
Born in a stable,
Crucified on a Cross,
My body has always been close
To those on the ground.
And My Heart is here always.

Your Heart moves upon mine,
Piercing with Thorns so deeply.
Come closer, You invite,
With great longing and gentleness
And my piercing finds its home
In Your Heart.

I am meek and humble of Heart,
Be here with Me in agony and neglect.
To find Me you must come close
To the Cross of humiliation
Where few wish to come.

But I await you here
With open arms; arms surrendered,
Forced open, nailed down,
Yet open still for your tender love.
Love Me here in the dust
As I long for you deeply.
Hold Me close,
Heart against Heart,
Where I will hold you, console you,
As the dust settles,
Close to My Heart.