Heart Not Afraid

Your peace comes upon me
In the midst of chaos.
I walk in Your precious Love,
My heart set apart
From that of the world’s.
You reveal Your Heart to me,
Unveiling Your deep tenderness
To a heart that hungers for You.

Heart of Sorrow, You weep for us.
Heart of torture, You endure beyond,
Trembling in pain, human strength
Long since surrendered.
Burning with raw nerves on fire
From repeated abuse and fresh piercings.
Sweat salts wounds, muscles tear,
Stretching against the nails that hold
Your spent Body to Your Cross.
You struggle for breath
But struggle more for love.

Sacred Heart so tender,
Engulfed in human pain,
You open a Divine Heart so tender,
So perfect, so longing to be loved
By hearts made for You,
Your Heart on fire with tender Love
Seeks a heart not afraid
Of Your passionate Love.

Love that hungers more
The more You are starved.
Love that softens in deepest tenderness
The more You meet cold hearts.
Love that trembles with longing
Searching the crowd for a tender heart
That will come to Your Heart
Not afraid of Your pain,
Not turning away from Your humiliation;
A heart on fire with a longing
For Your Sacred Heart
That cannot be stopped
By the pain of Your Crucifixion
Nor the ugliness of their torturing hearts.

A heart so tender it clings to Your Wounds
With the balm of love,
Absorbing Your pain unto itself,
Tenderly holding it for You, cushioning the blows,
Absorbing all Your pain, Your precious Blood
Like a bandage around Your Heart.

Let me take it all away for You!
Let me cradle Your Crucified Heart in my own.
Though the Cross You ask me to follow,
To surrender to, overwhelms me,
Still the passion I bear for the Heart I follow,
Such sweet precious Wounds borne for me,
So moves my heart to love,
I would take it all if I could! And more, my Lord!
Let me hold Your sorrow and pain in my heart!
Your Heart so crucified, that I love!
Yet so little am I, for so great a Heart!

I will break for you smaller and smaller,
Until I fit in your willing heart.
As you surrender yourself to be broken,
Our hearts find their perfect fit
And we are made new
As two hearts become one,
Broken to the world,
Yet embraced together as one
In deepest, most tender Love.
Blood pours out, mingles,
Losing itself in the other’s.

Pain of one touches another.
Joy of one spills over to the other.
I cannot move without You.
You take me to Your Crucified Heart
And my heart is pierced and consumed,
Surrendered to the Passion
Of Your Perfect Love.