Margaret Claire has written over 600 pages of prayer poems during a period of several years, many of which are accessible on the internet in the Sacred Heart Online Prayer Retreat at http://www.sacredheartprayers.com, as well as being available in a 2 CD audio set available at http://sacredheartdevotion.com/devotion-downloads/. However, there are still many poems not accessible to the general public, which is the main reason for this blog, to share these prayer poems as well as thoughts of Margaret Claire. We hope you will enjoy using these poems as part of your prayer life. These prayer poems may be used as personal devotion, prayer services, retreats and the like. However they are copyrighted so if you would like to use them as part of published materials, please contact Margaret Claire at margaretclaireshj@gmail.com for permission, which will in most cases be granted given the main reason for these poems is to spread the devotion and enhance the prayer life of participants. May God bless your prayer life with a deeper intimacy with His Sacred Heart.


One thought on “About

  1. I am amazed – to find you, to read thesee, to hope that one day I too can feel and write about His engulfing Sacred Heart; 9/18/14 3:33 A.M.

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