Small Heart

Sensing Your Presence
Like a delicate fragrance in the wind,
My soul moves to You
Like leaves in a gentle breeze,
And my heart seeks to find You.

Gathering my movement to Yourself,
You open the well-springs of my heart
That overflow, rising to meet You,
And my longing pours forth,
So is it consumed
In Your thirsting Heart.

There I am broken
Before Your Majestic Presence,
Crumbled into Your Heart and Your Will
To be consumed as Your bread,
Bread that feeds Your deep hunger for our love.

My heart knows only that it is Yours,
That Your immense Love
Includes a desire for this small heart.
My soul trembles with the knowledge
Of Your need for my smallness
And I give way to Your Will,
Your Grace, Your Majesty, Your Love,
As You take this dust of a heart
And breathe into it Your Life,
Creating it for You alone.

Rest in this heart made for You, my Lord.
Consume me in Your Love
That You may have all You desire
Of this small heart that is all Yours.



As A Newborn

You come so softly, my Lord,
Taking my soul in Your hands.
As You breathe Your will upon me,
I become as a newborn in Your hands.
Strength not my own,
I am only able to form myself to You.
You move me as You wish
And I can do nothing without You.
I trust in Your every touch
Knowing I have no control over anything.
But abandoned to Your love,
I am Yours to move as You will.

Like a newborn,
You place me near Your Heart
And as I helplessly yet eagerly
Form myself to You,
I rest in the comfort of Your love,
Yet knowing this love that comforts me
Will ask of me everything.
As I abandon myself to you,
I beg for the grace
To never wish to take it back,
But to remain as helpless as a newborn
In the hands of my Beloved.


Heart of the Master

I search for Your face
In the clouds, in the breeze on my face,
Between the lines I read and hear,
Everywhere I search
Hoping for a glimpse of You,
Watching, longing for Your Presence.
Amidst the shallow dreariness of the world,
I push the dark and gray aside
Searching for Your Light.

Like a child who thrives on little,
This heart leaps
From a few words, a small glimpse.
It takes little to satisfy,
Yet this heart is forever
Longing for Your embrace.

Though fascinates with Your thoughts,
In awe of Your beauty,
It is Your sacred, pure Love
That feeds this heart.
This Love that heals wounds,
This Love that soothes the soul,
The Love that is Life.

Your Sacred Heart joyfully gathers Your children,
For such, You said, is the Kingdom of God.
For the heart of the child reveals
The Heart of the Master.


The Prayer Hedge

Wonder and awe were a constant companion
On that morning pathway
Praising God in every leaf,
Every crack in the sidewalk,
Every wispy cloud,
Every new flower or fallen leaf.
All things created were new and wondrous
And full of life.

Rounding that corner to my “prayer hedge”–
That wall of flowering vines,
Filled with inspired bees and insects,
Sweet fragrance, delicate flowers,
All too irresistible to a child–
I paused.

Day after day, this hedge trapped me in its wonder.
Filled with joy and peace
At this altar of Praise to our Creator,
I could not help but pause and become lost
In a seven-year-old prayer
Honoring our God who created this.

As days passed, just the thought of my prayer hedge
Brought praise and joy to my heart.
As I would near the corner,
My heart would rise in joy and anticipation.

Many tardy notices later, confronted with the world
Of time, space and rules,
My prayer hedge became a monument
To innocence and joy
As I was made to hurry past,
With sadness and longing in my heart.
Caught in the world of men,
The Heart of Joy of my Creator
Was something one learned to hurry by.
Some of us, however, are slow learners.


As Your Heart Wills

You draw all of me into Your Heart
From all the places I have scattered myself.
I implode into You, my Savior,
And as You draw me into Yourself
In deepest tenderness;
My soul falls before Your Majesty,
Unable to gaze upon Your splendor,
Unable to move without Your beckon.
Buried in Your Sacred Heart,
Most meek and humble,
I am content, prostrated before Your Love.

But Your hand finds me,
Lifting me up,
Turning my face to Yours
In sweetest tenderness.
Your eyes show Your pleasure
In my smallness,
In the joy I feel in knowing
I am nothing without You.
You are all to me.
I cannot move without You,
I cannot feel without You,
I cannot live without You.

You come to me, most Beloved,
Moving my soul,
Blending me with Your Sacredness,
Inviting me in to Your Holiness.
I am lost in Your Sacred Heart.
Yet in the immensity of this Heart,
I am also deeply found in the
Intimate stirring of Your Love.

Your Love whispers
The vastness of the universe,
Yet in Passion so human, yet so Divine,
A small heart cannot help by fall
Into the eternity of Your tenderness,
Unable to resist,
Unwilling to try.
Unable to take anything back,
I am Yours, my Beloved.
Do with me exactly
As Your Heart wills.


A Speck Of Dust

My Lord,
From Your great height
Can You see and feel
The smallest movements of my heart?
You are so far above me,
Yet I feel Your eyes on my soul.
The tiny changes in my heart,
Can they be too small for Your eyes?
Do You wait patiently
Like a Mother with a babe within,
Noticing every movement silently,
Caressing with Your Heart,
Yet allowing time to grow?

Your Heart is so immense
A universe can fit inside,
Yet the tiny speck that I am
Can know You,
As a lover knows her Beloved,
Deeply walking the garden paths
To the fountain of Your Heart.
My love for You, though small
In Your grand plan of Love,
Is all I have and all I am.
Does the flicker of this flame
Bring warmth to a small place
In Your immense Heart?

Like a speck of dust in a light beam,
Will the tiny dance of my soul
Catch the eye of the Beloved
For a moment in time?
Will You catch my heart in Yours,
Beloved of my soul,
And hold me there?


Course To Joy

Like a child in Your Presence
I am drawn irresistibly
To the majesty of Your Love
And cannot stay away.
Wide-eyed at Your beauty,
Heart-stripped by Your Love,
I soften into the child that I am,
And fall at Your feet,
Desiring only to be near
To the One I love.

Your simple gestures of love,
So easy for You, my Lord,
So overwhelm this child’s heart
And set my course to Joy
That I cannot contain!
That You, the Master of the Universe,
Could so touch my life
In Your simple ways of the Heart,
Overwhelms me to where I, Your child,
Crumble into Your outstretched arms.

Your touch of Love so moves me
Joy reigns triumphant
Over any darkness.
And I, like the child that I am,
Blindly dance through the storms
And sing through the stark silence
Of the darkness of the world;
For my eyes are fixed on You,
Lord of the Light, Keeper of my soul,
Where no shadow can fall
and no dark silence can upset
The harmonies of praise
Rising around You
From those who adore You.

Your Light penetrates all that I am.
Your Love softens my soul
So like a newborn,
My soul falls limp and is easily moved
In Your tender arms of Love.