Breaking Into Embrace

Sweet Jesus,
In Your most humble embrace
Of our humanity,
In Your most Holy Sacrament,
Bread now Body,
Wine now Blood,
In Your Passion for love,
Your Body breaks into us.
Your Blood flows, given up,
Poured into our hearts.
As You enter my soul
That desires You so much,
My heart falls into Yours,
The All of my desire,
As I am broken into You,
Communion of Brokenness,
Communion of Sacrificial Love.
Together our broken pieces
Fall together into a perfect fit,
Communion of Love,
Communion of Joy.
Hearts poured out,
Hearts embraced.

Master of my soul,
Hold my heart in Yours.
In joyous union hold me;
In Your passionate furnace,
Envelope me,
As my heart loses itself,
Drowning in the Passion
Of Your Love.

Hearts broken open,
Blood poured out,
Passionate union,
A firestorm of Love,


Take All, My Lord

Your Flames softly scour my heart, my Lord,
Preparing a place for You.
Your tender Heart moves upon me
Filling my scoured heart and soul.
Fill me completely, my Lord,
That I may give it all to You!
Sweet, tender Heart of my God,
Flames so tender that lap around my heart,
Come, most precious Heart
With Your love so pure
Nothing can hold it
But must give it away.

Tender piercings of Your Heart’s thorns
You press into my heart
That I may know Your pain
Instead of mine
Which You have already taken
Into Your Heart.
Love Me, think of My Heart
And how I suffer for you,
You press tenderly into my heart.
Feel My love, My pain,
My longing to share all
With your human heart.

Lord, my God, my Beloved,
Press me with Your thorns,
Capture me with the nails that held You
Yet pierce deeper still.
Pierce my heart as deeply as possible
With the love that held You
Bound to the Cross
Of our sins and weaknesses.

To the very depths of my soul
You pierce with Your love,
Your love that sacrifices all.
My very being cries out to You,
Take all, my Lord, take all!
Barely a whisper away,
You rush to take all I give.
Hungering for my heart,
Thirsting for my soul,
You take all that I offer
To my Beloved.

Your Sacred Heart, my precious Lord,
Is all that I desire.
I am consumed in You, my Love,
As Your Holiness moves upon and devours me
As all that was before passes away,
Until all that is left of me
Is You, my Beloved.


How Do We Meet Our God?

How do we meet our God?
He Who pours out His Heart,
His very being, complete and unreserved?
That complete self-gift of our Creator,
Witnessed by the pouring out on the Cross
Of His only Begotten Son
Whose Heart was laid bare,
Whose torture was unbearable,
Yet with Love He offered us all.

How do we meet out God
As His Love and Joy comes to meet us?
How can we hold back
That which He offers us?
Our hearts must rush to meet Him
Pouring out all, giving all, with joy,
Yet willing to sacrifice in union with His,
All given for all.

Lord, my God,
The Fire of Your Love
Stirs my soul
Drawing from the dark night
That which lay sleeping
Until its Beloved drew near.
Ignite Your Fire in this kindling,
The broken pieces of my life,
The peat of years of suffering, of longing,
Ignite it all as an offering,
A holocaust of love and joy,
Its incense rising to meet You.


You Alone

You are here, within me,
Burning Your path to my heart.
Every dark corner now Light.
Every empty place now filled.
You fill my hunger and thirst for You,
For Your holiness, Your Love,
For all that You are,
The hard parts and
The tender, sweet parts.
All that is You is Holy
And is all I desire.

Your path to my heart,
So often blazed by trials and struggles,
Offers no resistance,
Yielding easily and tenderly
To Your Holy Presence.
Every part of me rushes to welcome You,
Your gift of Your Divine touch in me
But Your human touch as well.

My heart embraces Yours
In deep joy and tenderness,
Holding You close to my heart
For as long as I may.
The core of my heart and
The center of my soul
Receives its Master with joy,
Receives its Beloved with sweet,
Tender, inebriating love.

How I wish to remain
Lost in this precious Union,
As all I am moves to You,
Locked in to Your gaze,
Desiring nothing else.

Will Your Sweet Fire rage
In my heart today
Warming all I do
With the grace of Your Love?
Will Your sweet nectar flow
Through all I touch,
And through all I love,
Will Your Heart be known?

Trembling with Your Love,
Inebriated with Your Passion,
You are all to me, all.
As You send me into the world
Still holding You so close,
You must wash my day with Your Love,
Flooding my life with Your Passion.
For I will not let go of You now
For even a moment, my Love.
I must have You, Beloved,
For You alone are Life.


Gathered Into My Heart

Rise from your prostration
And mount to My Cross, Beloved.
Embrace with love
My Heart spread out for you.
As the thorns entwine our love
And hold our hearts firmly
In our embrace,
So the world retreats
And we are one.
Hearts in communion,
Immune to death,
As thorns pierce
in a tender touch of love,
Spill forth their contents
And are taken up
In one Heartbeat of Love.

So I take you up
Gathered into My Heart.
Touch so pure,
Pain turned into delight,
Brokenness falls away
As hearts stirred to Life
Weld in Love
A singleness of Heart.

Pour out to Me your love
As I drink it up like wine
As the banquet of Love.
The taste of your love to Me
Is so sweetly intoxicating
My Heart moves, overflowing
In a fountain of Graces.
Your love is My delight.
As the Bridegroom searches out the Bride,
So I search out your love
Waiting to ambush your heart
And take you as My own.

Come, Beloved,
Into the arms that await you
And surrender to Me your heart.
Let me hold you as My own
Consumed in the eternal Fire
And sweetness of My Love,
Embracing the Sacrifice that binds
In eternal surrender
Our union of Hearts.

Holy Thursday

Here In My Hand

Here in my hand
I hold Your Heart,
Given to me at great sacrifice.
Here in my hand lies the King of Kings,
Overwhelmingly Majestic in stunning humility.

Tender Savior,
Gift from the Heart of God,
You beg to be consumed,
To be so taken in
That You become one with us
In every cell, in every thought,
In the beating of our hearts
And each breath we take.

Here You must be, in everything,
Just as You are.

But we seldom see, hear,
Touch, love totally, as You long for.
Our thoughts turn so easily earthward
While You try so hard to lift us up
To You, O Master, Creator,
Lover of our souls, as You are
One with our bodies,
Part of every cell,
Food for the journey,
The journey to Your Heart,
That room prepared for us.

Love so dense it takes on form,
A form such that would break
So easily in our hands,
So You come, O Loved One,
In infinite humility and vulnerability,
Begging to be consumed
In a heart on fire with love,
Enraptured with Your touch,
With the power of Your grace,
With the tenderness and
Passionate trembling
Of Your precious Heart;
So I consume You
And make You my own,
My heart falling into Yours,
Where it longs to be,
Where You long to hold it
Captive to Your holy grace
And Your thunderously powerful,
Infinitely sweet Love.

Come, my Love, and consume me
As I consume You
And our hearts tremble into union
In the passionate Fire
Of Your most Sacred Love.


Love Invades

My heart cannot survive
The rain of Your Heart upon me.
Dissolving into Your Love,
Melting into Your embrace,
Nothing remains but You,
And I, lost in Your Love,
Revel in my nothingness in You.

For You, O Majestic One, own my soul.
And You, O Mighty One, gather my thoughts.
And You, O Passionate One, inflame my heart
And keep it on the hearth
Of Your passionate, most Sacred Heart.
You take control of everything I am
And place the Fountain of Your Heart
In the center of this garden,
My heart made for You.

I come to the Fountain
Where You wash away my failures,
Asking only for my love.
Deeply, Love invades the inner regions
Of my heart and soul,
Casting even my human heart
Into the cauldron of Your Love.
I am Yours, my Love,
Deeper than I even knew I was.
Your Life invades and I,
Surrendered to You,
A willing captive,
Rejoice in Your deeper conquests
And tighter bonds
Of my heart to Yours.

Nothing can stop You now
As You make my heart Yours.
Your embrace ever deeper,
The sweetness of Your Love
Like a delicate sting of prey,
Leaves me completely powerless to resist,
Overcome by the tenderness
Of Your Precious Heart of Love.


The Perfect Match

Wound follows wound,
Joy meets joy,
Love matches love.
Our hearts that wound and heal
Are matched by the Divine Heart
That feels every pain,
Shares every joy,
Has always been there with us.
Our hearts, a mass of tears and scars,
Yet flowing with love and compassion,
Create a unique landscape,
A code-like pattern
That can only be matched
By the One who has been there with us,
The One who has the key,
The perfect match.

Our hearts unveiled, exposed,
Find their match
In the One, exposed,
Most Sacred Heart.
They fall into place,
The perfect match,
The key fits,
The door opens,
The winds of Love
Move through this union.
Nothing but love matching love
As the inner secrets flow
From this Heart of Love.
Silently whispered,
Deeply felt,
The dialog of hearts
Sings a psalm of love,
Uniquely felt,
Uniquely responded to,
The perfect match.


Rising From Ashes

Most tender Heart of my God,
Whose gentle yet passionate Heartbeat
Moves the flow of my soul,
You have taken my heart
And You are not letting go.

You have moved me to such depths
Of anguish and pain
With Your torturous, passionate Cross,
With every humiliation and abuse
You have suffered then and now
That I, like the dead corpse
At the foot of the Cross,
Could take no more.

My soul is so moved by Your Sacrifice of all
To such a disturbing extreme,
Yet Your Heart flows with Love still,
Without cold drafts or hidden callouses,
That I awoke from that depth of agony
To a new life.

Morning came
In a flood of passionate love,
Love so sweet, so tender,
So passionate, so deeply moving
My heart could die from bursting,
So in love with You I am.

Your agony so thrashed my heart,
Crushed so like grapes in a wine press,
Ground like grain crushed in a mill.
But You have fermented my crushing
Into the wine of Your Love
And risen my ground up heart
Into the Bread of Your Life.

And I arose in the Morn
Unable to contain my love for You,
Unwilling to stop
The trembling love in my heart
That had risen from the ashes
Of Your agony.
With joy you catch
The overflow of this poor heart
And Your Passion is stirred anew,
Loved beyond the ability
Of a human heart to express.
Gathering up my bursting heart,
You press it to Yours
Until there is nothing left of me
But You, my Beloved.



Imagine a Heart that is so close to you that every cell in yours feels as if it is touching this Heart, being bathed in its Light and Love.

Imagine that this Heart is alive, beating, loving, and that every beat you feel completely, as if it were your own, moving in you.

Imagine that there is nothing more tender than this Heart, that every movement, every touch is of complete, pure Love, completely overwhelming tender Love and compassion, and the sweetest joy beyond explanation.

Imagine that this Heart desires your love, your tenderness, your touch.

Imagine that this Heart longs to be cradled in your love, to be held close, to be cherished above all else.

Imagine that above all else you desire to hold this Heart close, to surrender all you are, to the very core of your being; to this Heart, this Love, this touch of the Divine.

Imagine that this is what this most Sacred Heart desires as well, deeply, completely, and that you touch deeply to the deepest core of your being; everything you are centers in this most Sacred Heart, and you are one, in Love more precious than life.

Imagine that He breathes into your soul to hold Him this close forever.

Imagine that you have just breathed into His Heart that you desire to hold Him this close forever, to never be separated for a moment.

Imagine the mutual longing and desire for love fulfilled, in deepest, surrendering union of Love.

Imagine the Love of our God for the smallest human heart.