As The Heart Beats

The flash of Your grace
Pours through me
Like a flash flood
Overturning every stone,
Washing out every cluttered corner,
Yet igniting the bonfire of Your love.
My heart set free by Your graces
Opens to the flood of Your love
And is overwhelmed by grace.
The river of Your Living Waters
Cannot be contained
And I drown in Your loving Heart,
Willingly captured in its current.

The tide draws in
And in its retreat
I am left in the sand,
Seemingly alone,
Crying out in thirst
For the Waters of Your Life.
Come back for me, I cry out
In grief, in great desire
For the flood of Your grace.
But bread turns to stone,
Water to boulders,
No staff can release
From its dryness.
And I grieve, alone, in silence,
Begging, quietly, for Your return.

Your Sacred Heart opens to me,
Still beating with love for Your people.
I hear in its depths
The rhythm of Your love,
The movement of Your grace.
As the Heart moves in its beat,
The life Blood floods and flows
Through us, Your Body.
Flooding, then the rest
That returns the flood,
And the desert returns.
Flood, rest, flood, rest,
Your Heart so Sacred beats,
Moving Your Precious Blood
To nourish Your Body.

Embrace the resting, as with grace,
You whisper in my soul.
The desert prepares the Way
For the flow of My grace.
Open to its cleansing,
Embrace its emptying,
For in your empty chalice
Will you soon be filled
To overflowing once again
And the Fire of My love
Will burn deeply in your soul.
As the desert inflames
Your longing for Me,
Aching and burning in its depths,
So will your thirst be filled
By the flood of My love,
As My Heart beats,
Touching and filling
The depths of your soul.



Heart of Sorrows

My Beloved Lord,
Heart of Sorrows,
Filled with tender longing,
You ask so humbly for my heart:
Will you take Me to you?
Will you tenderly hold Me
Close to your heart?
Comfort My Sorrow,
Take My sorrowful Heart to yours?
Will you hold Me tenderly close
Even as My thorns hurt?
Even if My Wound inflames yours?

Holding You so close hurts
As Your Sorrow becomes mine,
As Your Wounds become mine.
But as Your most tender of Hearts
Rests so gently in my heart,
A refuge from the pain and
Neglect of the world;
A refuge from betrayals and apathy,
Nowhere else would my heart be
But holding You deeply in my heart,
Immersed in the Sorrow and tenderness
Of Your loving Heart.


Tender Wounds

O Heart of Mercy
That captures my soul,
Break open my heart
Sending Your Spirit
Like shivering Fire
Into my soul.

O Wounded Lord,
Your Wounds melt my soul.
They pierce my heart,
Then carry it off into You.
My heart melts down
In the presence of
Your sweetest Wounds
And Your overwhelming desire
For my heart.

The tender strength
Of Your hand upon mine
Touched all that I am.
I gaze upon the deep cavern,
Baring bones, ripping flesh,
That marks where my weakness,
My failures, pierced the hand
Of my precious Beloved Lord.

Love beyond grasp of mind,
Sacrifice firing the furnace
That consumes all;
Tremor of Love that
Shakes my soul.
Heart pressing against heart
Imprints forever
Your Sacrifice of Love
Upon all that I am.

My heart opens to,
My soul embraces
The overcoming Love
Of my Savior.
Softness of Love
Beyond comprehension
Transforms a tortured Body
Into a soft, tender holocaust of Love
On the altar of our hearts.

Your precious Wounds
Press against my soul.
My heart overflows with adoration
As I bend to kiss
The wounded feet of my Master.

Every tender Wound on Your Suffering Body
Churns my heart in its grasp of Love.
My heart a fountain of tender devotion
Longs to love with all I am
The tender, sweet Savior
Whose Heart pours forth in unearthly Love
And so silently, lovingly, sweetly accepts
Each piercing Wound
As if it were the kiss of Love.
So perfect this Savior’s Sacrifice,
His soft surrender in Love
Is seen as weakness
By those who fail to understand
The Love of the Beloved,
The Precious Life in death.


Nailed Open

Your words heal our souls.
Your touch heals our bodies.
Your profound and challenging Love
Moves deeply into our souls.
Yet this Body of a human man
You took on for us,
To open the doors to freedom
For our deprived souls,
To speak the language we hear,
To move in the language we see.
This most Holy Body of the Divine Presence
We nailed, sprawled in agony,
Stretched in total surrender
And total humiliation
To a wooden Cross
And left to die
Under our humiliating stare.

O Lord,
At Your feet I bow
To Your most profound humility.
You whose Love cannot be altered
By our inability to accept it,
Suffer in agony too overwhelming
For our human minds to grasp.
I watch Your suffering
Prostrated by the majesty of Your Love.
The purity of Your total suffering
Moves my body and soul.
I cannot move from Your feet.
My heart is already captive
To Your Sacred Heart of Love.

Can Your Love,
So pure and incomprehensible,
Accept mine so human and frail?
Your Spirit stirs my heart
Drawing me to offer all I am
To this man yet God on this Cross.
How can I resist Your offer of Love
So open to me
Your arms are nailed open,
Never withdrawn
Even in torturous death?
Nail my arms open to You, my Lord,
That my heart and my soul
May never withdraw
From Your precious
And majestic Love.


Lenten Series

Dear readers,

It is Lent once again, a time for increased reflection and prayer.

Last year 2015 I put together a Lenten series which followed somewhat a path going from “The Dust of the Journey” along Lenten themes, then proceeded through the Way of the Cross/The Passion of Our Lord. If you would like to follow along that journey again, or for new readers, for the first time, it starts here with the first entry in that series:
Then you can follow through with the month of February and March of 2015 until you reach the culmination with the Triduum or Holy Week. The prayer poems are posted most recent to oldest in the archives, so you need to scroll down to the bottom of the archive page to get them in order if that matters to you.
There are more prayer poems listed under the categories Lent, Desert, Passion and Crucifixion, but not all the earlier poems in this series have been tagged yet, and they are not necessarily listed in the order I would want in the general categories. Plus I have added many since last year that have those tags. So you can check additional ones there by clicking on those categories. I will also be adding more unpublished ones during this Lent, and hopefully will get around to adding the tags on the earlier ones that are yet untagged.
In 2014 I left a link to an online prayer retreat that contains many of these poems as well, but as I mentioned in my notes last year, I decided to publish them a few at a time so that it was more of a journey through Lent rather than going through them all at once, or quickly. But if you prefer to have the retreat format where you can find them easier (not all more recently published are on this website though) you can find it here:

I hope these prayer poems can enrich your Lenten journey. Feel free to comment if you wish. Will be journeying with you.

God Bless,

Margaret Claire

Away From The Thrashings

Hands tied down,
Unable to resist,
Your Body is thrashed, broken,
By our scourgings.
Like a heartbeat, the scourgings
Rhythmically beat You down,
Tear at Your flesh,
Opening to our eyes a view
Of the Blood of our Salvation.
Your tender mercy opens to us
As we witness in our hearts
Your willing pain and
Complete surrender to humiliation.

The sound of the whipping,
The splattering of Your Precious Blood
Drives our hearts to resist this injustice,
This obscenity to Your Love.
My heart leaps in desire
To shield You from the blows;
It falls upon Your Wounds
Willingly absorbing Your pain.
Can Your Sacred Heart feel
My heart moving so close to Yours?
Can You sense, in Your trance
Of pain and love,
The presence of our hearts
Longing for Yours?
Crushing with each blow?
Splattered with Your Blood
In our closeness to You?

Most Precious Heart that brings all joy,
Most Precious Body that heals all wounds,
Most Precious Blood that washes our souls
In Your immeasurable mercy,
Close Your eyes to the pain, dear Lord.
Let our love wrap around You
Bandaging Your Wounds;
Rest safely in our hearts,
Softly, gently tenderized by Your Love.

Come stay in this heart
That You have captured for Your own
That I may serve the desires of Your Heart
In the surrendering Love
That You have shown me.
Opened to You,
My heart is left vulnerable to Your Love.
Touched by the love and sorrow
Of Your most Sacred Heart,
I long to cradle You in my heart
Away from the thrashings
Of the confused crowd.


Adoring Dust

Piece by piece,
Brick by Brick,
You have taken me apart
Until all that remains
Is dust and broken bricks.
All is futile.
My strength is in the dust.
Yet my Master, all of me
Scattered in this dust
Cries out in longing for You still!
Even the rocks, You said,
Would praise Your Glory.
Even the dust, my Lord.
Even the dust.

Into this, You said, we would return.
I am here, my Lord, returned.
I am here, my Lord, still begging
To love You as You desire,
Even though my temple is in ruins.

Take this dust, You whom I adore,
And breathe Your Life into me.
I am only what You desire
To make of me.
Stir Your Spirit in this dust
That moistened with my tears
And Your waters of forgiveness
Becomes Your clay.
Recreate me, my Lord, as You desire.
Make this temple for You
That You may dwell in it.

Though only Your dust,
I am at Your feet
Beneath Your Burning Bush,
Adoring Your Presence.
Though only Your dust,
I am at the foot of Your Cross
Catching the drops
Of Your Precious Blood
In my heart
To treasure and adore.
Thought only Your dust.
I await with longing
The stirring of Your Spirit of Love
In my soul.

As I cling to Your feet, Beloved,
Like the dust of the roads You walked,
Will You wash me away
Before Your Great Feast
As You did at Your Great Supper?
Or will You make this dust Your clay
And form me into the chalice of Your Love
To become Your Blessing Cup
And to hold Your Sacrifice of Love?
I am here, Beloved,
Your adoring dust,
Awaiting Your hand.