Loved Beyond The World

Face of my Savior,
Tears streaming down Your Holy Face,
You gaze longingly into mine from where
The gentle Body of my Savior,
That only knew to love,
Has been nailed down,
Stretched into a frozen form
Of excruciating pain.

You penetrate my heart and soul
With eyes that speak
Of betrayal, of abandonment,
Of beatings and scourgings,
Of Crown of Thorns that digs deeply
Into so Sacred a Head;
Of holy ones turning away,
Hating so deeply to wish death
On such a pure soul,
The very One
Whom they should adore.

In Your eyes I see
The dark dungeon of humiliation
Where countless acts of degradation
Were performed against such purity,
Torturing the most divine of humans,
The most human of the Divine.

I see the bruises and tears on Your Body.
I see You stripped and shamed
To the core of the human soul.
Yet in Your Face I see only tender Love,
A precious Love so soft, so sweet, so complete
Even the nightmare of human abuses
Leaves only tears of Love
In so precious a Face,
Streaming from eyes
That penetrate into my depths,
Stirring my heart and soul.

Completely into our hands
You chose to deliver Yourself,
Knowing full well
Our repertoire of abuses
And our history of shame.
Abuses in Heart, Mind and Body,
Willingly surrendered,
Nailed down,
As if nails could hold You;
Your most Sacred Heart
Pours forth such a precious Love,
So gently,
So softly,
So longingly,
So surrendered,
So unaffected
By all manner of abuses.

Your Heart tenderly remains,
After millennia of abuses,
Still soft, still tender,
Still seeking the love
It has longed for
From the Cross and beyond.
Your most Sacred of Hearts
Desires a love so tender, so surrounded,
So willing to suffer for Your Love,
That You cannot resist,
You cannot refuse this heart anything;
A love to surrender to completely,
Surrounded with such tenderness
That You finally rest,
Loved beyond our ability to express,
Tenderly embraced,
Away from the abuses of the world,
The world You created to Love.

Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


Quietly Loving (revisited)

I am here, quietly crouched
At the foot of Your Cross
Where You have carried me.
I have been here for days
In Your Silence, with You.
You do not speak, yet I listen.
Day after day I have listened,
I have watched, I have waited.
Always You are here, in Silence,
Speaking only with Your Heart.
Always I am here listening,
Quietly loving You
As You quietly love me.

There are no words for this Silence
That speaks so deeply to my heart.
I long to take away the nails,
To hold You as Your Mother wished to
So closely to my heart,
To make the pain go away.
But Your Sacrifice I need
For it is my only hope.
What saves me breaks me
As I watch Your silent Heart suffering.

You silently mine my heart
Carving deeper and deeper,
Scraping my heart raw.
I am a huge empty cavern
Aching for Your love.
The deeper You dig and carve,
The deeper grows my emptiness,
The greater my longing for Your Loving Grace.

I am here at Your feet
Watching, listening, loving, breaking,
Holding onto the only thing I know,
Your Sacred Heart of Love.
I am trusting You will fill this heart
Carved for You
When You are ready to fill me again.
Until then I wait, I love, I long for Your Grace.
Silently knowing Your Suffering Heart,
Silently loving You more and more.

Come take this heart into Yours, my Love,
Crushing me into Your wine,
Changing me into Your Blood,
Sacrificing me to Your purest Love.


All This (revisited)

I look upon You, my Lord
Hanging on that Cross.
So tenderly Your Heart beats for us.
So magnificently Your love
Was Crucified on that Cross,
Aching to death for our love,
Sprawled, stretched
To the limit of love,
Then nailed down,
Frozen in the act of total surrender,
Total selfless obedience
Of the human to the Divine.

I wonder while gazing upon
The bloodless form
Of Your shattered body,
Would it not have been enough,
Being obedient to death,
To die peacefully, surrounded
By those who love You?
Would not Your surrender
To death itself, in our place,
Be enough to save us?

All this so we could see
Your love for us.
All this so we would know
Your tender mercy.
All this, pain beyond imagination,
That we would know Your Heart of Love
That would stop at nothing
To gain our love.

Yet so often we stare
At Your frozen pain,
Your relentless humiliation
And are not moved, feeling nothing.
You die alone again
For we do not even watch.

Lord, help me to watch with You
As You asked in the Garden
Of Your passionate surrender.
I will watch and pray with You,
Listening to the agony and longing
Of Your most Sacred Heart
Until it is finished
And You come again
To take me home with You.


A Disciple’s Lament

I crouch a short distance from Your tomb
Just beyond the soldier’s sight and hearing,
As close to You as I can without being discovered.
My body is at once numb and aching from crying
Yet the tears still pour like a river from my swollen eyes
And my body shakes with futile sobs.
Why am I here alive, a sinner,
While You, King of Life, lie dead in a tomb?
What beauty, what justice, what love can there be
In a world that slaughters its best,
The Messiah sent to love us,
Sent to lead us home to the Father?

How can there be any joy for me now
In anything of this heartless world?
Friends, why did you not support Him?
Rocks, why did you not sing forth His praise
Angels, why did you not rescue Him
Or comfort Him in His agony?
Father, where is Your love for Your only Son
That You would allow Him to die like this
In so cold a world unwilling to love Him in return?
How can I understand Your Heart
At once cruel and forgiving?
Will You help me understand
Why a man yet God so Precious, so Pure,
So Life-giving, so healing,
Was Himself so brutally mistreated, so misunderstood,
So ignored, rejected and unloved?

Father, Your words in my heart
Tell me of the love of a Father
As seen through the love and life of the Son.
Your words in my heart tell me
Of how long You have loved Your people
And longed for their faithful return;
How long they have rejected You.
Your words in my heart tell me
Of a lonely tomb in our hearts,
Ignored, misunderstood,
Even hated if that be possible.
How cold and dark like the tomb
Must our hearts feel to You,
O Giver of Life.
Yet You wait in silence,
Like Your Son in His tomb,
For life to return to our hearts
And welcome You in.

O Father! O Son! O Holy Spirit!
O Promised One!
Help me to prepare my heart
For Your return as You promised!
Come to my poor darkened heart
And bring it Light and Hope again!
Bring Your Sacred Heart to Life in me
That I may love, not despair.

Come bring us Hope,
Though we gave You little;
Come bring us Peace,
Though we left You none;
Come bring me joy
That died with You;
Come bring me love
That I may love You as You desire;
Come and resurrect Your Heart in mine.
Do not leave me, as You promised.

I will wait for You, my Lord,
Keeping my lonely vigil.
If You die, my heart dies with You;
But if You live, live in me!


Hearts Must Speak

They laid You down
On a cold slab of rock.
Motionless You lay as the rock,
Your body already chilling,
Soon to be cold.
We prepare Your body to be wrapped,
Cleansing the dirt and dried blood
With what we have:
Our veils, our wraps,
The ends of our skirts, our tears.
Cleansing the wounds of Your head,
My heart pierces with every new puncture
I discover in Your Precious Head.
My heart cannot contain my sorrow
Nor my love for You even now.

Your lips, now cracked, swollen,
Bruised, caked with blood,
Once spoke the Words of Life,
Once healed our hearts,
Our souls, our bodies,
Now silent.
In their silence,
The Words come rushing through,
The Words from One whose actions
Did not betray the Truth,
The Words that echo
Through our minds and
Swell our hearts with Your Love,
Now silent in this cold body
But flooding our hearts still.
As I wrap Your head
With Your burial cloth, I whisper:
If Your lips must be silent
Then our hearts must speak!

Your Sacred Heart
Pouring out its contents still,
Lies exposed
Through the gaping wound in Your side.
How Precious its Love was to us,
How empty the world now
In the stillness of this Heart.
As we veil Your Heart with the burial cloth
A chill sets in, in a world that has
Lost her lover.
Widows of Your Sacred Heart,
We bury our hearts with You
To be returned only with Your Heart’s return.

As the sounds of the stone rolling into place
Echo in our shocked minds and empty hearts,
Your promises fill the air.
Walking away from the tomb,
I hear those words again
Speaking to my heart.
Did You not say
Death had no power over You?
Did You not say
You would never leave us?
A strange wind stirs our hearts
As we gaze back to that tomb.
Did You not do all You said You would do?
Our hearts burn within us with Your Words,
With Your Love, and stir us to Hope.
If Your lips must be silent
Then our hearts must speak!


The Nail-Puller

Entranced by Your Sacrificial Love,
I push through the sneering, arrogant crowd.
At Your feet, I helplessly watch You struggle
And let go of that last painful breath.

Held in Your trance of love,
I hear not the clamor of the crowd
As they give up their sport.
I notice not the darkness
Overtaking the landscape.
I hear only the silent, pain-filled roar
Of Your Loving Father’s voice
As the earth trembles from
His passionate cry.
I only see Your face
As the tears of Your Father
Streak the last drops of Blood
Across Your ravaged Body.
Your Mother’s tears join His at Your feet.

I struggle to release Your hands
From the grip of the heartless nails.
Who are we that we should treat You like this?
As You are released from Your Cross,
Your lifeless Body falls against my shoulder.
I catch You as a mother catches her child
Wrapping my arms about You
Struggling not to let You go.

Holding Your limp form that once held
The Prince of Peace,
The Lord of Love,
The Son of God,
For a few tender moments
I cradle Your punctured head
Against my shoulder,
Your pierced Heart, now silent,
Leaves its mark on mine.

Then lowering You so lovingly,
I gently lay You in Your Mother’s waiting arms.
As once she gathered You to her
As her only Son, Her loving Savior,
She cradles you once again.
And as she once covered Your small body
Against the cold night,
She covers Your torn and pierced body
With Your burial cloth.
Every wound is forever branded on her heart
And emblazoned in her mind.

You are hers now,
No longer useful to the cold world
That knew You not.
They do not recognize the latent power
In Your dead body.
You lay peacefully now in Your Mother’s arms.

I see now on myself
The marks of Your wounds
You have left on me.
The dirt, sweat and Blood
Will fade in time.
But the marks on my heart remain.


Dying Into Love

Beloved Lord, Precious Savior,
You are before me hanging by nails
Sunk into the Cross of our making.
Such immense pain overcomes You,
Yet so tenderly You lean
Upon the Cross of our sins,
Taking them all upon Yourself
In such immense Love.

Humbly, so sweetly, You hang
With the Love of the universe in Your eyes
Beckoning me to You.
Your body stretched, willingly surrendered,
Nailed into immovable submission,
Your head bowing,
Weak from pain and loss of blood,
Leaves just Your Heart exposed, vulnerable to all,
Moving deeply within the prison
Of Your tortured body.

Come to Me, You beckon,
As I sit motionless at the foot of Your Cross
Gazing into those tender eyes,
Tortured, yet loving still.
Come and stay with Me
While I die for you,
You whisper to my trembling heart.

Silently I remain,
Watching in quiet anguish,
Adoring this Heart so pure, so tender,
So immensely loving;
Heart moving so deeply even as You die,
Giving, surrendering all for my love.

How can I love You as You desire,
My heart yearns.
Your Sacred, loving Heart begs,
From complete surrender,
To be taken.
I am here always waiting,
My Heart served on a Cross,
Waiting to be taken, held, loved,
Cherished, consumed.
I give you all, silently, with no resistance.
But you must take Me.
My image is always here in your churches, your homes,
Yet My sacrifice moves so few to love Me as I desire.

Come, take my Heart down from the Cross
And into your tender heart.
Your love guides my hands and heart
To reach for Your tender Heart.
Holding the sweetest essence of Love in my hand,
I take this tender Heart into my own
To love in the depths of me,
To tenderly adore unceasingly,
To die into, surrendered completely,
For Love.