Child Of My Heart

Child of My Heart, it is I,
The God of your longing,
Moving silently upon your heart.
Your thoughts so often fall upon Me
It arouses My Heart
To seek your embrace.
You can feel My Heart
Overcoming yours,
So tenderly, so quietly.

Like the whisper of the wind
I am upon you.
Yet like the embrace
Of long-separated lovers,
I hold fast to your heart.
As I come upon you,
You stir to meet My Love
As our hearts become one
In the grasp of longed-for love.

Your face, my Beloved,
I see in all I encounter.
The beauty and immensity of Your gifts
Overwhelms me.
Your Heart is there
Beating in the massive, powerful mountains,
Your breath in the breeze through the trees,
Your sweet fragrance is carried on the wind
To stir me to love You every moment,
To always know You are near.
You touch me in the warmth of the sun.
How can I be without You?
For You stir my soul to love You always
And for this Love I surrender all I am.



Winter Fields

Like the field turned over
And left with nothing
In the long, cold winter,
So my soul lies in wait,
Barren, with only dim light
Like an eclipse of the Son
Shielding You from my eyes.

I wait for Your warmth and Light
Through the cold darkness.
My earth that sprang forth with life
Has been turned over
And lies barren.

But in this time of rest
The seeds await
Buried deep in the darkness
Awaiting the Light
To set them free
And stir in them new life.


Love So Revealed

Is there a place in the world, I ponder,
Where love is gentle and kind,
Where beauty is in the heart
And is a fountain of joy?

The gentle sparrow intrigues me,
So simple yet so profound.
Pain embraces me,
It’s tentacles curling and burrowing
Into all it can reach.
I watch the sparrow
Like a prisoner behind bars
As I struggle in my shackles.
The sparrow does not weep at pain,
Nor shout for joy,
Yet hopeful he seems
With his quiet way,
Content, concerned only for today.

Love is so bare, so raw,
Unable to hide behind masks,
Revealed in all its tenderness.
Utterly revealed.
My heart aches for You.
Your Heart aches for me.
The lure of Your Heart, so Sacred, so raw,
Catches my heart, unable to escape
The inner chambers of Your Heart.
Trade the raw prison of Your Heart
For the shackles of my pain!

Contents revealed,
My heart so easily touched,
So easily hurt,
So easy to walk away from.
Alone in its nakedness
My heart searches for You
To find You are already there,
Revealing all.
Your shocking humanity
Reveals but Your gentle Divinity.
My overflowing humanity
Reveals but my need for You,
The gentle Divinity that reveals
My humanity
And my need and my desire
For the Heart of my God.

Immersed in the profound simplicity
Of my need for all You are,
I am profoundly humbled
By my love for You,
Hoping Your gentle hands will lift me
To this tender Heart that I adore.


The Sparrow

Pecking among the bits of trash
Searching for little treasures
Is a small, humble sparrow.
Though challenged to find
A patch of grass or a tree
Among the asphalt and bricks,
This sparrow seems not to mind.
Content, trusting, cheerful,
Focused on simple things,
Delighting in simple joys.

Sparrow, do you dream of the wilderness?
Do you long for another place, another time?
Do you desire more than your meager fare?

God’s eye is on the sparrow.
Content are you in His loving care.
Trusting in the little things,
The big things are yours.

Fed by joy, warmed by love,
The sparrow knows the Father’s House.
Gracious in His gifts,
The Father knows what is needed
Before it is asked.
His Heart’s treasures belong
To the pure of heart.

The path to His Heart is found
Amidst the cast offs,
The refuse,
All that is thrown away
Or cast aside.
In the midst of the hard cement
And the cast offs,
The sparrow finds His treasures
And warms his life
In the rays of the Father’s Love.


The Storms

There I was on that boat with Your apostles,
As the storms rocked the boat and
Tossing waves threatened to capsize it.
As the storms increased in intensity,
So did their emotions.
Fear and confusion reigned.
But there You lay, sleeping, or so it seemed,
So oblivious to the storm,
So calm, so in control.

As the apostles panicked, I looked to You.
You calmly and lovingly beckoned to me.
Like a child, I came, trusting,
And knelt at Your feet.
I sat there for a long time
Resting my head on Your knee,
As the storms continued to rage.
I closed my eyes and sank into Your peace.
The storms would go on
Washing over and around us in their fury
But I was safe and calm
In the pocket of Your Love.


Heart of the Master

I search for Your face
In the clouds, in the breeze on my face,
Between the lines I read and hear,
Everywhere I search
Hoping for a glimpse of You,
Watching, longing for Your Presence.
Amidst the shallow dreariness of the world,
I push the dark and gray aside
Searching for Your Light.

Like a child who thrives on little,
This heart leaps
From a few words, a small glimpse.
It takes little to satisfy,
Yet this heart is forever
Longing for Your embrace.

Though fascinates with Your thoughts,
In awe of Your beauty,
It is Your sacred, pure Love
That feeds this heart.
This Love that heals wounds,
This Love that soothes the soul,
The Love that is Life.

Your Sacred Heart joyfully gathers Your children,
For such, You said, is the Kingdom of God.
For the heart of the child reveals
The Heart of the Master.


Master Of All

Less than a grain of sand am I
In the universe of Your bewildering majesty.
I shrink in Your perfect Presence
Feeling all too keenly my smallness,
Knowing that without You
Even this smallness would be nothing.

Nothingness crowds upon my soul
Crushing me with the weight
Of all I cannot move or change.
Yet my heart melts with
My Knowledge of You
And my eyes close to the memory
Of gazing into the night sky
Overcome with looking into
The eyes of my God,
So brilliant, so incomprehensible,
Yet each twinkling star
A proof of Your tender love
Flooding me with graces.

You take this tiniest of creatures
Who has no strength nor desire to resist You,
Who lies emptied waiting to be filled,
You plunge Your majesty into this small heart
Shattering my boundaries
With Your takeover of my soul.
My heart is tenderly bound to Yours
And I rejoice in my captivity
As all but this falls away
Like ash falls away from embers,
Exposing only a burning core within.
Thus I burn with Your love,
Consumed in Your Fire
Until I am nothing
And You are all.

I have always been nothing
But a vessel filled by Your grace,
Trembling under the power of Your love.
Break and crush this vessel at Your will
That all that You have filled me with
May be poured out upon Your people.

You tenderly hold my heart to Yours
As if this small human heart could be
The greatest treasure of the King,
A King who fills a universe with His love,
Yet so sweetly desires the smallest of hearts.

Crush my boundaries, O my King,
And hold me so tenderly
To this Heart that I adore
That I may move in You
As You in me,
So completely
That I am lost,
Only to be found
In You, my Beloved,
Master of all that is.