Heart of Sorrows

My Beloved Lord,
Heart of Sorrows,
Filled with tender longing,
You ask so humbly for my heart:
Will you take Me to you?
Will you tenderly hold Me
Close to your heart?
Comfort My Sorrow,
Take My sorrowful Heart to yours?
Will you hold Me tenderly close
Even as My thorns hurt?
Even if My Wound inflames yours?

Holding You so close hurts
As Your Sorrow becomes mine,
As Your Wounds become mine.
But as Your most tender of Hearts
Rests so gently in my heart,
A refuge from the pain and
Neglect of the world;
A refuge from betrayals and apathy,
Nowhere else would my heart be
But holding You deeply in my heart,
Immersed in the Sorrow and tenderness
Of Your loving Heart.



A Love Beyond

O Precious Heart,
You struggle within,
Unable to contain
Such Divine Love
Within a human Heart.

O Precious eyes
So helpless,
You long and plead
For the hearts
You created to love.

O Face of Perfect Love,
Spattered with Blood,
Smeared with tears,
Bruised and pierced;

Yet so perfect is Your Love
That all pain, all neglect,
All humiliation, all abuse,
Turns not Your Heart
From Your Beloved.

Rolling and heaving in Your Agony,
Your tender human Heart
Can contain no longer
The immensity of Your Divine Love.

O Sacred Heart most pure,
Surrendered in passionate humility,
You burst, annihilated by a Love
Beyond Passion.

Blood and water flow
As the spear of our arrogance
Finds the Heart
Already burst for Love.

Gentle cheek lies against torn shoulder,
So bruised and ripped by scourge and Cross.
Eyes close to the pain of a world
That could not return so pure a Love.

My heart gathers the fragments of Yours
And tenderly cradles its remains within.
O Sacred Heart most pure,
The Blood of Your Sacrificial Love
Soaks into my soul, inebriating me
With the power of Your surrender.

Take my heart, my Lord,
That bleeds with desire for You,
That carries Your surrender deep within.
Let me shelter Your Broken Heart in mine
That calls me to Love beyond
Surrendering to death;
That calls me to Life beyond
The crushing annihilation of the world.

In the Silence of the tomb,
A Life stirs that moves beyond.
The wind of the Spirit moves
Across the coals of total destruction
And a flame leaps up and burns anew,
Fed by a Sacrifice so profound
It fuels a Life beyond,
Consumed in the Flame of Your Eternal Love.


Solitary Path

My Savior,
It was You who called me
To the crossroads.
Blinded with pain,
The fog of confusion surrounded me,
Yet I knew where I was.

I knew where You wanted me,
Though it cut through my heart
Like a knife.
I knew I could not turn away from You
Or what You were calling me to.

There at the crossroads,
The fresh pain of betrayal,
The emptiness of abandonment
Were upon me,
Yet my heart knew its anchor
And that it could not turn from You
And betray and abandon You.

The choice was clear and complete.
I would walk with You, my Savior,
Away from the crowd
Along the solitary path
Where You and I abide,
Silently speaking,
Touchlessly touching.

I walk the path of solitude
That sometimes crushes me,
Yet sometimes leads me
Into Your embrace.
You pick up the pieces
Of my shredded heart
Again and again.
You know so well
How to suffer alone.

Suffering Heart,
I cannot stop this pain of isolation
That cuts so deeply into my heart.
Yet I cannot stop the love
That brought me here
Through the crossroads.

Teach me, my Lord,
How to endure this exile.
Teach me the silent surrender
Of Your Suffering Heart.
As the solitary path
Carves its canyons into my soul
Where at times only my voice
Seems to echo back,
Whisper Your Presence in the wind
That reminds me of the Sacred Heart
That drew me here,
Away from all others,
Emptied and waiting
For You, O Sacred Heart,
The Heart I walk this path to meet
And embrace.


Love Bindings

Freedom in You wraps around me,
Binding me,
One decision of love at a time,
To Your Cross.
As the wraps of freedom
Bind me more thoroughly,
Arms, legs, body, head, heart,
My soul leaps free
Of this cumbersome body;
My heart inflames,
Consuming this body,
Now tied down in freedom,
Completely bound to Your Cross.

Your Cross gives shape to my life,
Like a splint to a broken limb.
And as my broken life is wrapped
More tightly to Your Cross,
So it is strong, only in You;
So does it heal, only in You.
So does Your Fire of Love consume me
On the lyre of Your Cross,
In the Furnace of Your Sacred Heart.

Ashes I am, without You,
And as the freedom You give
Gives me back to You,
As I am made new in You,
My limbs take on Your flesh,
My heart is taken by Yours,
And my soul dances in the freedom
To feel Your pain of our neglect,
Yet to know Your Heart of Love.

My heart like a pin cushion
Is pierced with Your abuses
And feels near death with Your Sorrow.
Yet within, a Flame consumes,
And as each pain pierces,
A Love is released, so profound,
This heart and soul drowns,
Lost in Your Love,
Submerged, bound to Your Cross,
Breathing in a deeper Life
In You.

Death in You
Takes away all that was before
And my life is Your Life,
My breath is Your breath,
My heart is bound to Yours;
As You complete Your take over,
Day by day,
I cannot live outside of You anymore.
I do not work unless in You.

Peering outside of You,
I see only death, dried bones, graveyards.
I turn to You.
Surrounded by Your loving Heart,
My heart, like a butterfly from a cocoon,
Is set free, fluttering in Your graces,
Inebriated by the sweetness of Your Love.
In the Garden of Your Graces,
My heart is nourished by Your Love
And given the strength
To bind more closely to Your Cross again
In love.


Close To My Heart

Stones shift and fall,
Soon all of me is on the ground again.
Painfully humbling is this ground
And as I search for meaning from the dust
I feel Your hand slip into mine.
Your hand is so strong and steady
While mine is so weak and shaking.
Where am I, my Lord? I ask.

You are here with Me, You whisper.

But I am so vulnerable,
So exposed, so confused,
So in need of all You are.

I know, You console,
And I am here.
Born in a stable,
Crucified on a Cross,
My body has always been close
To those on the ground.
And My Heart is here always.

Your Heart moves upon mine,
Piercing with Thorns so deeply.
Come closer, You invite,
With great longing and gentleness
And my piercing finds its home
In Your Heart.

I am meek and humble of Heart,
Be here with Me in agony and neglect.
To find Me you must come close
To the Cross of humiliation
Where few wish to come.

But I await you here
With open arms; arms surrendered,
Forced open, nailed down,
Yet open still for your tender love.
Love Me here in the dust
As I long for you deeply.
Hold Me close,
Heart against Heart,
Where I will hold you, console you,
As the dust settles,
Close to My Heart.


Away From The Thrashings

Hands tied down,
Unable to resist,
Your Body is thrashed, broken,
By our scourgings.
Like a heartbeat, the scourgings
Rhythmically beat You down,
Tear at Your flesh,
Opening to our eyes a view
Of the Blood of our Salvation.
Your tender mercy opens to us
As we witness in our hearts
Your willing pain and
Complete surrender to humiliation.

The sound of the whipping,
The splattering of Your Precious Blood
Drives our hearts to resist this injustice,
This obscenity to Your Love.
My heart leaps in desire
To shield You from the blows;
It falls upon Your Wounds
Willingly absorbing Your pain.
Can Your Sacred Heart feel
My heart moving so close to Yours?
Can You sense, in Your trance
Of pain and love,
The presence of our hearts
Longing for Yours?
Crushing with each blow?
Splattered with Your Blood
In our closeness to You?

Most Precious Heart that brings all joy,
Most Precious Body that heals all wounds,
Most Precious Blood that washes our souls
In Your immeasurable mercy,
Close Your eyes to the pain, dear Lord.
Let our love wrap around You
Bandaging Your Wounds;
Rest safely in our hearts,
Softly, gently tenderized by Your Love.

Come stay in this heart
That You have captured for Your own
That I may serve the desires of Your Heart
In the surrendering Love
That You have shown me.
Opened to You,
My heart is left vulnerable to Your Love.
Touched by the love and sorrow
Of Your most Sacred Heart,
I long to cradle You in my heart
Away from the thrashings
Of the confused crowd.


In The Giving

I walk in a darkness so great
I feel eternity in this undefined space.
I know You walk with me
Even in this darkness,
For I feel You all around me,
In me, through me,
Whispering in my soul,
Blurring the boundaries
Between You and me.

Yet I feel so alone in a space
That is too great for me,
Talking to a God whose language
Sometimes moves my soul
In deeply intimate union;
Yet sometimes leaves me lost
Unable to comprehend.

Somewhere in this darkness
I feel Your Cross
Anchoring me to You.
Your gaze is upon my soul
From Your Cross of Love,
Moving through my heart and soul,
Gathering me to You.

There is nothing in you
That is not Mine now,
You whisper gently
As Your Heart gives forth
A Love that seeps into mine,
Binding me to You;
Yet leaving me pierced and alone
On a cross that asks me
To love the ultimate human love,
Completely revealed,
Completely surrendered.

Take My Crucified Heart to yours,
You ask, knowing
I cannot refuse You anything.
My soul is helpless under Your gaze.
My heart is bound to Yours;
Bound to the thorns that pierce,
Bound to the purifying Fire,
Bound to the Wound that reveals all,
Bound to the Cross,
Yet bound to Your Love,
So passionately tender,
So overwhelmingly self-giving.

Give to Me all, You ask,
As I give to you,
Even in the dark times,
Looking not for the return of love,
But sacrificing all
In the giving.