Lenten Series

Dear readers,

It is Lent once again, a time for increased reflection and prayer.

Last year 2015 I put together a Lenten series which followed somewhat a path going from “The Dust of the Journey” along Lenten themes, then proceeded through the Way of the Cross/The Passion of Our Lord. If you would like to follow along that journey again, or for new readers, for the first time, it starts here with the first entry in that series: https://margaretclaireshj.wordpress.com/2015/02/19/desert-of-my-soul/
Then you can follow through with the month of February and March of 2015 until you reach the culmination with the Triduum or Holy Week. The prayer poems are posted most recent to oldest in the archives, so you need to scroll down to the bottom of the archive page to get them in order if that matters to you.
There are more prayer poems listed under the categories Lent, Desert, Passion and Crucifixion, but not all the earlier poems in this series have been tagged yet, and they are not necessarily listed in the order I would want in the general categories. Plus I have added many since last year that have those tags. So you can check additional ones there by clicking on those categories. I will also be adding more unpublished ones during this Lent, and hopefully will get around to adding the tags on the earlier ones that are yet untagged.
In 2014 I left a link to an online prayer retreat that contains many of these poems as well, but as I mentioned in my notes last year, I decided to publish them a few at a time so that it was more of a journey through Lent rather than going through them all at once, or quickly. But if you prefer to have the retreat format where you can find them easier (not all more recently published are on this website though) you can find it here:


I hope these prayer poems can enrich your Lenten journey. Feel free to comment if you wish. Will be journeying with you.

God Bless,

Margaret Claire