Lenten poems

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A Face of Love (revisited)

The dusty path stretches out before You
Filled with jeering, angry crowds.
Your knees give way under the weight of Your Cross.
That precious face, still so soft with love,
Hits the hard stones of the walkway.
There, face down in the street,
You feel the full weight of Your humanity.
You whisper Your Father’s Name
As this earth You created holds You to it
In its magnetic, uncompromising grasp.
Closing Your eyes, You think of Home with Your Father.
The crowds roar turns to angelic songs of praise
As Your head spins from Your ordeal.
Just a little further, Your tearful Father beckons.
It is almost finished.
Prodded, kicked, spit at, tossed around,
Once again You lift up from this earth;
You offer Yourself again to His Plan of Love.
You look at the unforgiving crowd
Searching for eyes of love and compassion,
Wanting comfort that this is not all in vain,
That there will be someone who will be saved
By Your Sacrifice of Love.
Each face is memorized in Your Heart
And is like another scourging upon this Sacred Heart.
There, in the crowd, You see one!
Eyes full of tears, reaching out to You!
“Jesus!” the panicked voice cries.
“Jesus!” again in desperation and desire.
Your eyes meet in tearful, loving union.
The Flames of Your Heart leap,
Your graces pour out like a river.
The face of love is pushed away and lost in the crowd,
But the memory remains in Your Heart
Inspiring the strength to draw the Cross to You once again,
To lift it to Your bruised and torn shoulder
And walk that dusty path again.
O Sacred Heart of Love and Longing,
Draw me to You, keep me in Your Heart.
Help me to be for You that face of love
That Your thoughts of me
Will be like a caress, not a scourging;
That Your Sacrifice will save.
O Tears of the Father,
O Sacrifice of the Son,
Bring Your Spirit of Love!


Dear readers

First of all, thank you for visiting my blog. I hope my prayer poems sharing is giving you some prayer inspiration and comfort. I hope I am not inundating you too much during Lent. But let me explain.

A few years back I put together a website with a Lenten retreat, so to speak, of a collection of the poems having to do with Lenten themes and the Passion of Our Lord. It was designed with a different theme per week going though to Holy Week. Roughly a poem or day. Well, I had intended to keep up with it along those lines, but, well, life happens and I didn’t get to it every day, so recently you are seeing me trying to catch up by publishing more than one per day. Thus the multiple postings. I should be caught up this weekend.

I decided to publish the poems in this manner rather than just posting the retreat link again because I thought it would be better to work through it gradually as a Lenten meditation rather than try to digest the whole series in one or a few settings, and I thought it would be convenient to have the notification reminders for those who are following the blog instead of trying to remember to find the retreat site again.


One thing I am concerned about is that I am having issues with WordPress where the breaks between stanzas in my poems keep getting eliminated when publishing, for some reason. Not all, just randomly. So I keep having to go back and try to fix, then updating the post but it is not working. I am hoping that you are not getting notifications every time I try to fix the post! I just realized that might be the case today. If so I apologise! Hoping to figure out this glitch soon. In the meantime please bear with me if you see multiple postings of the same poem.


Also, the weeks we have been through in the retreat are:

Week one: the Dust of the Journey

Week two: Last Supper and Gethsemane

and this week, week three, is the Trial and Imprisonment

Next week will be The Way of the Cross and Crucifixion, part 1

Then the following week The Crucifixion part 2

followed by

Holy Week: the Cross, the Burial and Beyond.

I hope you will stay with me through the series and have a very blessed and holy Lent and Holy Week. The Easter season will bring more joyful prayer poems.

God bless,

Margaret Claire

As Your Heart Wills

You draw all of me into Your Heart
From all the places I have scattered myself.
I implode into You, my Savior,
And as You draw me into Yourself
In deepest tenderness;
My soul falls before Your Majesty,
Unable to gaze upon Your splendor,
Unable to move without Your beckon.
Buried in Your Sacred Heart,
Most meek and humble,
I am content, prostrated before Your Love.

But Your hand finds me,
Lifting me up,
Turning my face to Yours
In sweetest tenderness.
Your eyes show Your pleasure
In my smallness,
In the joy I feel in knowing
I am nothing without You.
You are all to me.
I cannot move without You,
I cannot feel without You,
I cannot live without You.

You come to me, most Beloved,
Moving my soul,
Blending me with Your Sacredness,
Inviting me in to Your Holiness.
I am lost in Your Sacred Heart.
Yet in the immensity of this Heart,
I am also deeply found in the
Intimate stirring of Your Love.

Your Love whispers
The vastness of the universe,
Yet in Passion so human, yet so Divine,
A small heart cannot help by fall
Into the eternity of Your tenderness,
Unable to resist,
Unwilling to try.
Unable to take anything back,
I am Yours, my Beloved.
Do with me exactly
As Your Heart wills.


A Speck Of Dust

My Lord,
From Your great height
Can You see and feel
The smallest movements of my heart?
You are so far above me,
Yet I feel Your eyes on my soul.
The tiny changes in my heart,
Can they be too small for Your eyes?
Do You wait patiently
Like a Mother with a babe within,
Noticing every movement silently,
Caressing with Your Heart,
Yet allowing time to grow?

Your Heart is so immense
A universe can fit inside,
Yet the tiny speck that I am
Can know You,
As a lover knows her Beloved,
Deeply walking the garden paths
To the fountain of Your Heart.
My love for You, though small
In Your grand plan of Love,
Is all I have and all I am.
Does the flicker of this flame
Bring warmth to a small place
In Your immense Heart?

Like a speck of dust in a light beam,
Will the tiny dance of my soul
Catch the eye of the Beloved
For a moment in time?
Will You catch my heart in Yours,
Beloved of my soul,
And hold me there?


Who Would Lift The Stone?

The days were intolerably long,
The nights longer,
Since they had laid Him in the tomb.
The thought of His Precious face,
The one whose glance had lifted her from her sins,
The hands and Heart that had touched her soul
With healing mercy,
How could this be dead
And closed in that cold tomb?
The pain crushed her heart
Like the stones of the tomb.
Who would save her now?
How would she go on
Without His Saving Love?
Who would lift the stone
From this tomb?

Tears would not stop,
Heart heaved in pain.
If Only I could look upon Him
One last time.
If I could gently anoint
His tortured body
With the precious oils
And sweeten His repose
With fragrant herbs and spices,
Covering His torture with a blanket of love.
A King such as He
Should repose in sweetness and love,
Not in tortured humiliation.
If I am the only one,
I will go to Him
And adore His Heart
That saved me.
But who will lift the stone
From the tomb?

The bright light hurt her eyes
As she, herbs in hand,
Moved along the path with the women
Towards the One who held her heart.
The sunshine, the cheerful birds,
The gentle breeze,
All seemed a mockery to her.
How joy without the Master?
Memories flooded her mind,
Agony gripped her heart.
How would she bear the sight of Him
So cold, so still, so lifeless?
Tears blurred her vision
And a voice called out:
Why do you search for the living
Among the dead?
He is not here.
He has been raised up.
Her heart pounded as she drew nearer.
What did this voice mean?
And who could lift the stone
From the tomb?

There before her lay the stone,
Already lifted.
Had they lost their way
Through their tears?
Could this be the tomb
Of the Master?
Entering this dark, cold place,
Her heart could not be controlled
At the sight before her.
The tomb that could not hold
The Light of Life
Lay empty.
The discarded wrappings of death
Lay cast aside.
Delirious with hope,
They knew not what to do.

Light appeared
And called her name.
Falling to the feet of her Master,
“Rabbouni,” she spoke, adoring Him.
The floodgate of her heart burst forth
As His voice stirred her soul.
Go and tell the others what you have seen,
He commissioned her.
Bowing to His Majestic Glory,
Set ablaze with His Love,
Transparent with His Grace,
His Presence left her transformed.
Trembling with excitement,
Heart on Fire,
She hurried to spread His Word.
Death could not conquer
Her Rabbouni!
And the stone on the tomb,
Cold as hearts can be,
Was moved.


Course To Joy

Like a child in Your Presence
I am drawn irresistibly
To the majesty of Your Love
And cannot stay away.
Wide-eyed at Your beauty,
Heart-stripped by Your Love,
I soften into the child that I am,
And fall at Your feet,
Desiring only to be near
To the One I love.

Your simple gestures of love,
So easy for You, my Lord,
So overwhelm this child’s heart
And set my course to Joy
That I cannot contain!
That You, the Master of the Universe,
Could so touch my life
In Your simple ways of the Heart,
Overwhelms me to where I, Your child,
Crumble into Your outstretched arms.

Your touch of Love so moves me
Joy reigns triumphant
Over any darkness.
And I, like the child that I am,
Blindly dance through the storms
And sing through the stark silence
Of the darkness of the world;
For my eyes are fixed on You,
Lord of the Light, Keeper of my soul,
Where no shadow can fall
and no dark silence can upset
The harmonies of praise
Rising around You
From those who adore You.

Your Light penetrates all that I am.
Your Love softens my soul
So like a newborn,
My soul falls limp and is easily moved
In Your tender arms of Love.