Heart of the Master

I search for Your face
In the clouds, in the breeze on my face,
Between the lines I read and hear,
Everywhere I search
Hoping for a glimpse of You,
Watching, longing for Your Presence.
Amidst the shallow dreariness of the world,
I push the dark and gray aside
Searching for Your Light.

Like a child who thrives on little,
This heart leaps
From a few words, a small glimpse.
It takes little to satisfy,
Yet this heart is forever
Longing for Your embrace.

Though fascinates with Your thoughts,
In awe of Your beauty,
It is Your sacred, pure Love
That feeds this heart.
This Love that heals wounds,
This Love that soothes the soul,
The Love that is Life.

Your Sacred Heart joyfully gathers Your children,
For such, You said, is the Kingdom of God.
For the heart of the child reveals
The Heart of the Master.



I Adore You

I adore You.
All that You are
I adore.

Your mercy
Rescues my heart
As I adore You.

Riding on eagle’s wings,
Soaring on grace,
I adore You.

Breaking in pain,
Suffering in heartache,
I adore You.

Struggling in confusion,
Immersed in humiliation,
I adore You.

I adore You.
All that You are
I adore.

Sweet Savior’s Heart,
Wounds that won’t heal,
Eyes of compassion,
All move my heart
As I adore You.

Come, my Beloved,
You have captured my heart and
I adore You.

Master of Peace,
Mover of souls,
Intimate union of hearts,
I adore You.

Slayer of darkness,
Reservoir of hearts,
Suffering companion,
I adore You.

Furnace of Sacred Love,
Fountain of Life,
Keeper of our destinies,
I adore You.

I adore You.
All that You are
I adore.


Hearts Consumed

Purest Love
Unwavered by muddied response.
Sweetest Love
Unaltered by apathetic hearts.
Sacred Love
Unquenched by countless turnings.

O Pure Substance
Of unquenchable Love!
Precious Blood seeps and flows
In the unending tide
Of Your Most Sacred Love.

The tide moves
Into uncovered hearts,
Into emptied hearts
Desiring only You,
O Precious One,
Beloved of our souls.

Thus moved with Grace,
Love reigns,
Unaltered by the sea of apathy.
Desiring deeply to share
Your Sacred Heart of Love,
One must share as heart that move
Against hearts grown cold.

Muddied, apathetic, cold hearts surround,
Yet Love moves with the force of mountains
And the gentleness of a child’s heart.
Painfully bare,
Shamed by the world of sophistication;
In hearts overcome with Your Grace,
Love burns so deeply
No bottom is found
To the inner well
Dug by Your piercings
And filled with the Living Waters
Of Your Grace.

Precious nectar of Love,
O Blood of my Savior,
Consumes all in its path
That meets and succumbs
To Your deepest longings.
Temples crumble,
Joyfully given over to Your Grace
And hearts once empty
So filled no boundary remains
In Your victory of Love.


Sweet Devotion

Breath of angels
Gusts through my soul
And my heart and soul
Inhale with joy
The stirrings from
The Heart of my God.
Joy mounts as in a draft
From the firestorm of Your Love.
Caught in this joy
My heart unravels in its attachment
To anything but You, my Lord,
And is set free.
Like a kite loosened from its anchor,
I fly caught in the wildness
Of Your Sacred Love.

Trembling soul
Lost in the unearthly softness
Of Your grace;
Body defies matter,
Dissolved into Your Love,
Dense and sweet as honey;
Yet like the air touching the ground,
It barely touches this earthly kingdom.

Caught in adoring You,
I have no reigns for my love for You.
Your Sacred Heart moves me
Beyond the desire to restrain
And I am consumed in loving You.
Even Your Wounds so overflow
With Your sweet, unrestrained Love,
My heart bleeds in desire
To adore You.

Your soft, gentle fingers of Love
Catch my heart
Drawing me deeper.
Your Love becomes all I see:
Joy but You,
Even pain, joyfully received,
As the touch of Your Precious Wounds
Exuding the sweetness
And the completeness of Your Love.
Each Wound You endured for me
Leaves its mark in me,
Painfully real,
Yet overcome
In sweet devotion.


With A Grateful Heart

Tender, pure flesh,
Sweet with an innocence
Not of this world,
The Unblemished Lamb;
Such a sweetness
One would barely touch.
Love seeps from every pore,
Sweat of Innocent Blood.
Such tender Love, so Divine
It can no longer be contained
In so human a Body,
But already pours forth
From Your pure flesh
Moved to Sacrifice.

Tender Love, tender flesh
Of the Body of our God,
Saturated with Love,
Splits, bursting
With Sacrificial Love.
So pure, uncontainable,
It rips, tears, splits
Against the touch of evil;
Blood of Love
Rushes to pour forth
From every Wound inflicted
On this pure Body
By our hearts of darkness
And our confused minds.

There Love hangs
In the Body;
Tenderly, so sweetly,
The Perfect Sacrifice
Pouring forth all in Love
In the form of Sacred Blood.
My lips touch the feet
Of the Perfect Lamb;
Tender Wounds
Sealed with love.
Gentle tears
Wash the feet
Of the Divine Master of Love.

Your Perfect Love,
Your total Sacrifice
Holds my heart,
Softened beyond resistance,
Trembling, overcome
With this Love, so flawless.

How can I respond
In gratitude to my Beloved
For the gift of Himself
To my poor heart?
So perfect a gift of His Love.
What can I do, my heart cries out!
Show me how to love You
With a grateful heart!

Come, let Me into your heart,
My Beloved replies,
Overtaking my heart
With a Flood of Love.
I seek refuge in your heart,
A place so soft to rest
Away from the weary world
That arrogantly turns
From its Love.

Will you embrace My Heart
That comes with Thorns and Wounds
Though they will slowly pierce
The soft flesh of your heart?
For My Love is too great to wait.
My heart opens wide to receive
The Heart of my Beloved
As He pierces my soft heart
To the core with His tender Love.


In The Silence Of The Universe

A Divine hush descends upon my soul
As You, my God, await with great longing
For my response to the tender outpouring
From Your most precious, loving Heart.
In the silence of the universe
My heart cries out to love
As every part of me moves passionately
To the center of my heart
Where You await to receive,
Gathering in the blood of my offering
That pours from my heart.

My heart overwhelmed with gratitude
For the Love of my God shown so abundantly
To one as small and unworthy as myself,
Stirs with a love so impassioned
The fountain of my heart becomes as a river
Pouring, grasping, deeply longing
To touch Your precious Heart with my love.

The longing in my heart for You grows,
Deeply focused on Your Heart’s desire.
All I am, all the love I know,
Flows in a river pouring into Your Heart,
Deeply, longingly, passionately,
Stirring the deepest parts of me.
All is Yours; take all I am,
I turn all over to You, my Beloved,
Begging for You to know my love,
For it to touch the longing in You,
For it to touch Your most Sacred Heart.

Your most holy, most Sacred Heart moves,
Stirring with such immense Passion
Your human Heart opens to a Heart so Divine,
So majestic, so limitless,
Like a galaxy it moves, filling a universe.
Yet it moves, so deeply stirred
By a small heart such as mine
A universe cannot contain You.

Heart of Galaxies moves upon my heart
So unable to contain Your Love.
You search out each tiny human heart
Awaiting in the hush of the universe
A response of love by a heart
Deeply, completely surrendered
To the desire of Your most
Sacred Heart of love.


Master Of All

Less than a grain of sand am I
In the universe of Your bewildering majesty.
I shrink in Your perfect Presence
Feeling all too keenly my smallness,
Knowing that without You
Even this smallness would be nothing.

Nothingness crowds upon my soul
Crushing me with the weight
Of all I cannot move or change.
Yet my heart melts with
My Knowledge of You
And my eyes close to the memory
Of gazing into the night sky
Overcome with looking into
The eyes of my God,
So brilliant, so incomprehensible,
Yet each twinkling star
A proof of Your tender love
Flooding me with graces.

You take this tiniest of creatures
Who has no strength nor desire to resist You,
Who lies emptied waiting to be filled,
You plunge Your majesty into this small heart
Shattering my boundaries
With Your takeover of my soul.
My heart is tenderly bound to Yours
And I rejoice in my captivity
As all but this falls away
Like ash falls away from embers,
Exposing only a burning core within.
Thus I burn with Your love,
Consumed in Your Fire
Until I am nothing
And You are all.

I have always been nothing
But a vessel filled by Your grace,
Trembling under the power of Your love.
Break and crush this vessel at Your will
That all that You have filled me with
May be poured out upon Your people.

You tenderly hold my heart to Yours
As if this small human heart could be
The greatest treasure of the King,
A King who fills a universe with His love,
Yet so sweetly desires the smallest of hearts.

Crush my boundaries, O my King,
And hold me so tenderly
To this Heart that I adore
That I may move in You
As You in me,
So completely
That I am lost,
Only to be found
In You, my Beloved,
Master of all that is.