Sacred Surrender

Precious Heart,
Sweet Fire of Love,
You overcome my soul
With Your powerful grace.
I fall to my knees
As the Fire of Your Sacred Heart
Descends upon me.
Seared to the core,
My heart is bared before You,
Fully revealed, fully opened
To the tenderness and wildness
Of Your Sacred Love.

My heart succumbs to Your
Tender Majesty
That wraps my soul in Your
Grip of Love.
Hold me, do not let me go,
For my soul is home
In Your irresistible grasp.

Your Heart succumbs to mine,
Releasing and surrendering
Your gift of majestic humility
Into the embrace
Of my willing and trembling heart.
I am Yours as you desire, completely,
You whisper, shaking my soul.
Consume this Heart with yours,
You pour into my soul,
Knowing my heart is powerless
To resist You.

You are safe in me
For I am Yours, as You desire, completely.
Consume my heart in Yours,
Beloved of my soul.
I surrender all to the fiery Refuge
Of Your Passionate Heart.
You ignite all of me
In this fireball of surrender,
Gathering the fire and trembling
Of my surrendering
Into Your Sacred Heart
As if drinking in my love
To finally satisfy Your Thirst.
Beloved, take all that You desire of me.


Away From The Thrashings

Hands tied down,
Unable to resist,
Your Body is thrashed, broken,
By our scourgings.
Like a heartbeat, the scourgings
Rhythmically beat You down,
Tear at Your flesh,
Opening to our eyes a view
Of the Blood of our Salvation.
Your tender mercy opens to us
As we witness in our hearts
Your willing pain and
Complete surrender to humiliation.

The sound of the whipping,
The splattering of Your Precious Blood
Drives our hearts to resist this injustice,
This obscenity to Your Love.
My heart leaps in desire
To shield You from the blows;
It falls upon Your Wounds
Willingly absorbing Your pain.
Can Your Sacred Heart feel
My heart moving so close to Yours?
Can You sense, in Your trance
Of pain and love,
The presence of our hearts
Longing for Yours?
Crushing with each blow?
Splattered with Your Blood
In our closeness to You?

Most Precious Heart that brings all joy,
Most Precious Body that heals all wounds,
Most Precious Blood that washes our souls
In Your immeasurable mercy,
Close Your eyes to the pain, dear Lord.
Let our love wrap around You
Bandaging Your Wounds;
Rest safely in our hearts,
Softly, gently tenderized by Your Love.

Come stay in this heart
That You have captured for Your own
That I may serve the desires of Your Heart
In the surrendering Love
That You have shown me.
Opened to You,
My heart is left vulnerable to Your Love.
Touched by the love and sorrow
Of Your most Sacred Heart,
I long to cradle You in my heart
Away from the thrashings
Of the confused crowd.


Empty, My Soul

Empty, my soul,
And fall into His open arms.
He who has loved so much
Desires but the fullness of love
In return.
Empty of fear,
Empty of discouragement,
Empty of desire to fill,
And be filled
By Him.

Empty of all the world brings
In shadows of imperfection
And as He loosens the roots
Of darkness from your soul,
Fill with His Perfect Love
And rest in His Mercy.


In The Giving

I walk in a darkness so great
I feel eternity in this undefined space.
I know You walk with me
Even in this darkness,
For I feel You all around me,
In me, through me,
Whispering in my soul,
Blurring the boundaries
Between You and me.

Yet I feel so alone in a space
That is too great for me,
Talking to a God whose language
Sometimes moves my soul
In deeply intimate union;
Yet sometimes leaves me lost
Unable to comprehend.

Somewhere in this darkness
I feel Your Cross
Anchoring me to You.
Your gaze is upon my soul
From Your Cross of Love,
Moving through my heart and soul,
Gathering me to You.

There is nothing in you
That is not Mine now,
You whisper gently
As Your Heart gives forth
A Love that seeps into mine,
Binding me to You;
Yet leaving me pierced and alone
On a cross that asks me
To love the ultimate human love,
Completely revealed,
Completely surrendered.

Take My Crucified Heart to yours,
You ask, knowing
I cannot refuse You anything.
My soul is helpless under Your gaze.
My heart is bound to Yours;
Bound to the thorns that pierce,
Bound to the purifying Fire,
Bound to the Wound that reveals all,
Bound to the Cross,
Yet bound to Your Love,
So passionately tender,
So overwhelmingly self-giving.

Give to Me all, You ask,
As I give to you,
Even in the dark times,
Looking not for the return of love,
But sacrificing all
In the giving.